Dallas Cowboys: Former Pro Bowl Wide Receiver Accuses Owner Jerry Jones, NFL Of Rigging Games

For all the wrong reasons, the Dallas Cowboys’ victory over the Detroit Lions on Saturday has been the buzz of the sports world.With seconds remaining in the game, the Lions would have taken the lead thanks to a two-point convert, but a contentious call canceled the play. A video showing the referees missing the call emerged after the game. Golden Tate, a former Pro Bowl receiver and Detroit Lion, accused owner Jerry Jones and the NFL of game-rigging on social media.

Golden Tate Accuses Dallas Cowboys Jerry Jones, NFL Of Rigging

Tate invoked a previous horrible call in a Cowboys-Lions game. “Jerry Jones picked up the phone and made that same call he made back in 2015 when they picked up that PI FLAG..” Tate wrote on social media. Tate is of course referring to the pass-interference no-call from a playoff game between the two teams in 2015. The former receiver accuses Jones of influencing the calls that get made on the field.

Not Rigged, Just Bad Officiating

In looking at the play, I don’t think that the refs rigged the game. I think they are simply bad at their job. They

Clearly unaware of who is merely in the neighborhood and who is reporting eligible. There’s a lot of misunderstanding, and the referees stayed with their call. The problem facing the NFL now is that cameras are present everywhere. When a call is entirely missed, it is evident to us and, in this instance, it probably had an impact on the result. The officials have become far too much of a topic this season.

The Lions are disappointed after the Dallas Cowboys secured a significant victory. The good news is that they are still in the postseason; if they want to win the Super Bowl, they must regroup.

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