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Nick Saban unconcerned about Michigan sign stealing – ‘Integrity in the game I think is really, really important’

LOS ANGELESPeople still associate Michigan football with “cheating,” even after Alabama and Michigan football both stopped using Catapult video systems because of a purported breach from another program.

The storyline has long been established, and it permeated Jim Harbaugh and Nick Saban’s joint press conference on Sunday morning when the Alabama head coach was questioned about how concerned he was that the Wolverines might pull off a shocking upset of the Crimson Tide in the Rose Bowl.

Saban dismissed it, stating that his team is ready and he doesn’t see an especially strong need for extra security when playing the maize and blue.

“No, that’s not really an issue for us. Our team has had ample opportunity to prepare for this game, just like they have for every other game, and I believe integrity in the game is really, really essential,” Saban stated. “I believe that communication with the quarterback must be adjusted, particularly for no-huddle teams. Hopefully, the NFL will eventually adopt a system where players can merely talk to the guy wearing a helmet. That seems like a much better option.

“But for the time being, we just need to adjust to the quarterback’s communication style. We’ll switch it up and make sure our players aren’t disadvantaged in any way.”

It’s noteworthy that despite Connor Stalions—the Wolverines’ purported sign stealer—not having been a part of the program since late October, the team is still a lightning rod for any form of improper behavior. “The less you know about football, the more you think sign stealing impacts a game,” stated Fox Sports top analyst Joel Klatt. Naturally, Saban is aware of that and responded appropriately. That being said, the story seems to have no end in sight and will not go away.

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