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Spurs  star sets record straight on Fernandez ‘bad blood’ after Chelsea loss

Tottenham star Cristian Romero was sent off for a horror tackle on Argentina team-mate Enzo Fernandez earlier this month


Cristian Romero, a star for Tottenham, has stated that he has no ill will towards his Argentina teammate Enzo Fernandez, despite the latter’s horrifying tackle on the Chelsea player two weeks ago. Romero was dismissed due to a lunging

tackle on Fernandez during Spurs’ 4-1 defeat against the Blues on November 6.

Romero received one of the two red cards as Spurs faltered in a crazy game. The defender, who looked to kick out at Moises Caicedo early in the first half, was lucky not to get sent out.

Romero did, however, receive a red card for an appalling tackle on his international teammate Fernandez, which resulted in the penalty that Cole Palmer used to equalize. Romero and Destiny Udogie received red cards, and as a result, the north Londoners lost 4-1.

Fernandez was visibly hurt by the tackle but Romero insists that the pair are on talking terms.“Always happy and

The 25-year-old told El Doce, “Happy to be back on the national team, what I love the most and what I enjoy so much.”

When asked whether there was “bad blood,” he said, “Of course everything is fine.” These are events that occur in the game and are always present.

At first, referee Michael Oliver dismissed Chelsea’s objections over Romero’s tackle with a wave. Nevertheless, the referee was convinced to give a penalty and a red card by a VAR intervention.

Romero looked to win the ball, but PGMOL chairman Howard Webb indicated that his follow through, which touched Fernandez far above the ankle, was sufficient for the authorities to conclude that he had committed significant foul play.

Webb told Mic’d Up: “Let’s have a look at what happened before that with Romero going in on Enzo. Yes, winning

the ball, but finally making that touch above the ankle, which is why the player was given a red card and a penalty. Such a great procedure.

“Just playing the ball in itself does not allow you to follow through in this way,” the former Premier League referee continued. There’s a reason why we don’t see many contacts like this after the ball has been played.

“Players often use caution while handling the ball to prevent situations like this one, and it is obvious that this puts Enzo’s safety at jeopardy by using excessive force. It’s a red card and a good intervention when we see that at full speed and in slow motion.”

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