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‘Absolutely baffling’… Sky Sports pundit stunned after what Dermot Gallagher has said about Tottenham Star tackle yesterday.

Stephen Warnock was left stunned after Dermot Gallagher stated that Cristian Romero’s challenge on Newcastle United striker Callum Wilson wasn’t an obvious red card.

Speaking on Sky Sports, the former Premier League referee discussed the Tottenham Hotspur defender’s rash challenge on Callum Wilson.

Tottenham picked up a 4-1 win over Eddie Howe’s side thanks to goals from Richarlison, Destiny Udogie and Son Heung-Min.

In the 81st minute, Spurs lead the game 3-0 and appeared to be coasting to an easy win. Romero, though, was lucky to be on the field at all following a careless challenge on Wilson.

The late arrival of the Argentine defender caused his studs to come down on Wilson’s ankle during the tackle.

Romero was immediately given a yellow card by referee Chris Kavanagh, and the VAR reviewed the event before approving the on-field ruling.

To Stephen Warnock’s dismay, former Premier League referee Dermot Gallagher has now said that he thinks the right call was made.


Warnock stunned after what Gallagher has said about Romero’s tackle

Speaking on Sky Sports News today, Gallagher stated the tackle didn’t jump out at him as an obvious red card.

“It didn’t leap out to me as a red card but a lot of people have said since it is,” he said. “It’s quite amazing how everybody’s gone red card challenges now.

“We’ve had 31 red cards after 14 rounds of football, only 30 last season altogether.”

He added: “I think that’s the thing people say, he does a double-take. It’s not wise. I don’t know why people do that.

“As I say, it’s amazing how the red cards are mounting up and people want more and more.”

And it’s fair to say that Gallagher’s comments on the incident didn’t go down well with Warnock.

“I’m absolutely gobsmacked you’ve said that’s not a red card,” Warnock responded. “That it doesn’t leap out at you as a red card.”

“I just don’t understand that at all. As soon as I saw that I thought ‘how’s he not gone for that?’

“How do you not see that as a clear and obvious error? It’s just absolutely baffling how that’s not a red card.”

Romero’s decision to stay on the field following the late challenge on the Newcastle striker was undoubtedly lucky.

The 25-year-old was sent off against Chelsea last month, and he has only just returned from a three-match suspension.

Postecoglou will be concerned since Romero is currently his sole senior option at center-back.

He is without a doubt a key member of Tottenham’s squad and a gifted defender. However, he needs to learn to temper his aggressive defense approach or Spurs may continue to suffer as a result.

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