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Report: Everton’s owners were actually really keen to sign £45m Tottenham player

Everton had a frustrating summer really in the transfer market as a number of big players left the club for pastures new.

Some of the most important players to leave Goodison Park was Alex Iwobi.In the end, Sean Dyche’s significant acquisition was the striker Beto, and the season has generally started poorly as a result.

Everton’s transfer strategy has been under fire in recent transfer windows, but according to The Athletic, certain players who had a stronger profile—including Brennan Johnson, who is currently a player for Tottenham—have actually been pursued.

Everton tried to sign Brennan Johnson before Tottenham move

The Toffees board have long liked Johnson, according to The Athletic’s most recent report on Everton’s transferactivity.

They allegedly even made a serious effort to sign the forward while he was still at Nottingham Forest.

Of course, Johnson ultimately made a significant move costing approximately £45 million to Tottenham in the summer.

Everton, meanwhile, is currently fighting for every point as Beto struggles to score goals and Dyche continues to figure out how to play his best with the team he currently has.

Typical of the current era on Merseyside

Over the past few years, Everton has seriously wasted a lot of money. Large sums of money have been spent on players, yet most of them haven’t been successful. It’s unclear whose fault it is exactly.

With a player like Brennan Johnson, it is evident that it is too early to tell how effective he will be for the Spurs.

However, he has had a strong start, and it appears that this season, playing for Ange Postecoglou, he will make a difference.

We’ll never know if he would have performed similarly for a faltering Everton team. However, it does demonstrate that the Toffees’ recruitment team had found players who the supporters could have supported.

However, they missed the boat as usual and are once more fighting for their Premier League lives.

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