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Alan Brazil slammed Daniel Levy for publicly sharing that Tottenham Hotspur have inserted a buy-back clause in Harry Kane’s Bayern Munich contract.

As he said on talkSPORT Breakfast (20/09/23 at 6:25 am), the former striker and current talkSPORT broadcaster couldn’t understand why Daniel Levy would make such a statement if “you aren’t going to tell them when it is.”

In order to improve his prospects of winning trophies in his trophy-obsessed career, Harry Kane left Tottenham this summer and joined German powerhouse Bayern Munich.

Daniel Levy had previously been able to stave off interest in Harry Kane’s skills, but he was unable to do so this time because of the remaining 12 months on his contract.

The club’s all-time leading scorer was allowed to leave, which initially infuriated and frustrated the fans.

But that has probably been dampened down now that Ange Postecoglou has got Spurs off to a flying start.

Daniel Levy’s Harry Kane admission

“Why come out with that if you aren’t going to tell them when it is?” asked Brazil. “What if he (Kane) loves it and stays five years?

“What if Tottenham go backwards? At the moment, under Ange, they are doing well. What if they don’t win anything? He might like the Black Forest down there. His family might enjoy it, so don’t try to summarise it.

“And what if Haaland leaves? Does he go to Manchester City or Manchester United? Or Spurs?”

Life after Harry Kane

Where will the goals come from was one of the first questions thrown Spurs’ way as Kane made his way to the exit.

The squad as a whole is sticking their chests out and accepting responsibility, so it’s not just one person doing it.

Even though it’s still early, Spurs will go into the north London derby on Sunday with a genuine sense of optimism and confidence that they can win.

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