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Ange Reveals Tactics Change As Spurs Prepare For Crucial Part Of Season

Michael Brown has said that Tottenham Hotspur are now not as attacking and adventurous as they were at the start of the season, opining that Ange Postecoglou has tweaked his side’s approach.

Delivering an attacking form of football was one of Postecoglou’s primary responsibilities when he joined the Spurs last summer. The Australian has a history of encouraging his team to play in an ambitious manner.

Over the course of the season, the Lilywhites have been involved in some incredibly entertaining encounters, proving that he has kept his commitment to do the same at Tottenham.

But over the last few months, there have been indications that rival teams have discovered Spurs’ weaknesses; Postecoglou’s club has occasionally struggled to penetrate defenses while also appearing vulnerable at the back.

Is Postecoglou tweaking his tactics at Tottenham?

Brown thinks that the 58-year-old’s success will eventually determine his fate, implying that he has already retreated from his extremely combative stance.

In his essay for BBC Sport, the pundit stated, “Ange Postecoglou’s style is amazing.” However, if you start to see no outcomes, we revert to the previous belief that the style is now “too progressive.”

“Results are what matter most in the end. The style is only relevant for so long; if you don’t see results, people will start to question you.

He has stated it the entire time, therefore I do not see him changing it. He may occasionally be able to slow it down and be more focused in certain games. That could be something he attempts.

However, I believe he has already begun to make some minor changes. They are not flying forward and leaving it open as much as they have occasionally done. They are also not as enthusiastic.

“You look at their schedule and it is going to be very difficult as they now head into the final few games of the season and pursue the top-four slot that looks to be needed for a Champions League participation.

“They have two incredibly tough fixtures in the last six games: they play Liverpool and Manchester City, who are the leaders, and they have the north London derby against Arsenal.

However, they will need to start achieving better outcomes, particularly considering their performance on the road. However, they are currently seated in fifth place. Do the fans find it exciting to watch? Are they getting up from their chairs? Indeed, it is.

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