Celtics Fans Arguement With Board

Celtic Park’s atmosphere and colour is in no small part down to the Green Brigade. Their vibrancy and unwavering support have often been pivotal in elevating the atmosphere at crucial matches. However, the recent decision by these ultra groups to boycott the Celtic Women’s upcoming game against Hearts marks a significant, and perhaps misguided, departure from their usual fervour.

The same groups wanted to repeat this accomplishment this season. But due to safety concerns expressed by Celtic’s management (arising from earlier attempts), “The Celtic End” was not allowed to proceed. The groups view the decision as punishing and contemptuous of their contributions, but it is presented as a necessary precaution.

The extreme organizations’ response has been to completely boycott; this seems like a disappointing and pointless move. Even while they may have legitimate complaints about some club choices, their continued arguments with the board are undermined by their use of the women’s games as leverage, which goes against their stated principles of supporting Celtic regardless of the gender playing.

For the forthcoming game, Celtic has in fact provided the Green Brigade their customary standing section; this is a compromise that ought to have been welcomed with the customary zeal. But their rejection, based on the fact that they don’t have a designated “Celtic End,” implies that agenda takes precedence over support, clouding what should be a historic time for Celtic Women. This approach could deprive the players of the strong support they deserve, especially while the team is leading the league and hoping to win the SWPL for the first time.

Those who want for a permanent “Celtic End” may find the decision made by Celtic’s management frustrating, but it shouldn’t stop supporters from supporting.

Although the Green Brigade and its allies have frequently received praise for their dedication and impassioned performances, the women’s team is not greatly helped by the current position. They unintentionally miss out on a chance to advance and improve women’s football, a cause they have previously supported.

I’d want to see them set aside their complaints with the board as they prepare for the men’s semi-final and will once more demonstrate their dedication to the bhoys at Hampden in a huge way.

There’s still time to change your mind as Sunday’s kickoff draws near. It is still hoped that all fans, even the ultras, would unite in support of Elena Sadiku and the “Ghirls,” guaranteeing that Celtic’s incredible support will be fully mobilized to back their quest for their first SWPL title. For those who are still debating going, here is an opportunity to see what could wind up being a historic run-in at Celtic Park. True to the Celtic spirit, the real win is found in solidarity and support that transcends disagreements to encourage supporters from the stands.



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