’Never going to happen’: Alan Shearer expresses Celtic disappointment that he will never see

Imagine Celtic in the English Premier League? It has been a question many have asked for decades now.

Considering Celtic’s global reach, you would think that the Premier League’s financial resources would cause the entire team—from the top to the bottom—to soar even higher on the international scene.

In an interview with The Rest is Football, Alan Shearer said that having the Scottish Premiership champions in England’s top division would be “amazing.”

To his own dismay, though, the all-time leading scorer in the Premier League acknowledged that it’s “never going to happen.”

Because of their financial situation, the Bhoys now lack the talent to compete at the highest levels of England’s elite league.

However, consider permitting a team such as Celtic to expend hundreds of millions of dollars each summer transfer window.

The squad would fight against the best of the best after those bottom-of-the-table Champions League finishes.

Alan Shearer said that he would love to see it happen, but he also said that it just won’t happen.

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