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‘He gets away with it’… Pundit says £15m Tottenham player is always making dangerous tackles

Destiny Udogie has been accused of making a number of dangerous tackles for Tottenham.

The issue surrounding VAR has returned following Dominic Calvert-Lewin’s dismissal against Crystal Palace on Thursday.

The England international was sent off against the Eagles following a forceful challenge, but it was absurd to suggest that this was a severe foul play.

With this tackle, Calvert-Lewin did not put Nathaniel Clyne in risk; yet, if it is a red card, we might witness many dismissals in every game each week.

During his discussion of Calvert-Lewin’s red card on Off The Ball, Keith Treacy likened the Everton striker’s challenge to some of Destiny Udogie’s tackles this season, asserting that the Italian has frequently gotten away with similar plays.

Udogie can make dangerous tackles

Treacy gave his assessment of the £15 million Tottenham star and Calvert-Lewin.

“You could say it was straight-legged, but he didn’t go in with any force to try and do him,” I said, not considering it to be very risky. Treacy stated, “I’ve seen Udogie do it at Spurs a few times and he gets away with it. Even if he goes in straight on the shin, it’s not a leg-breaker. When you hear that they’ve gone in straight-legged you think it’s a leg-breaker.”

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