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Nottingham Forest respond to FFP rumours as Brennan Johnson claim made

Latest Nottingham Forest news from NottinghamshireLive as Reds insist they have “fully complied” with Premier League regulations

In response to allegations that they may have violated the sustainability and profit guidelines, which resulted in Everton receiving a 10-point deduction earlier in the season, Nottingham Forest has responded.

The Times reported yesterday that Forest, who have signed 43 players since winning the Championship play-off final in May 2022, are most vulnerable to the new Financial Fair Play rules implemented for this season.

All clubs were required by the new regulations to file their 2022–2023 finances by December 31. Any further charges will be made public by January 14; clubs deemed to be in violation must receive punishment from an impartial panel by April 8.


The Reds have reportedly hired a top sports attorney to refute the Premier League’s allegations, stating that they have “fully complied” with their duties, according to the Telegraph.

According to reports, Nick De Marco, a KC with London’s Blackstone Chambers, has experience with football, particularly Financial Fair Play.

As per the modified Premier League regulations, clubs are allowed to lose up to £105 million in a rolling three-year period, or £35 million in a single season. Even less losses are permitted if a club played in the EFL during those three years, as Forest did prior to 2022–2023.

However, a Forest spokesman has told the Telegraph: “The club has fully complied with its reporting obligations in respect of the Premier League’s revised profit and sustainability rules.

“Promotion to the Premier League will always create challenges, and the treatment of promotion bonuses is just

one instance of this. The club, in accordance with Premier League regulations, tackles each of these obstacles with a clear focus on maintaining its long-term financial viability.

It’s believed that a significant portion of Forerst’s defense would center on Brennan Johnson’s club-record £47.5 million sale to Tottenham on the day of the summer transfer deadline.

The Telegraph continues, “With Forest spending £177 million in the season following their Premier League comeback, they run the risk of going over the allotted losses of £105 million for three seasons.” However, the club contends that they had taken Brennan Johnson’s sale into account, which is beyond the relevant time window but would still put them back within allowed losses.

Everton are waiting to hear an appeal against their original sanction, while treble-winners Manchester City are sweating on 115 charges related to alleged financial irregularities at the Etihad over several seasons.

In the original Times piece, football finance specialist Kieran Maguire was quoted as saying: “When Forest was promoted to the Premier League, they were very much at the limit of their Financial Fair Play allowance, and that investment in new players continued in their first season.” They would be at the top, in my opinion, if you’re searching for clubs that are near the limit.
The University of Liverpool Management School lecturer, however, now adds: “The Times asked me which team was closest to the limit, and they don’t have a lot of wriggle space, given that Forest can only lose £61m over three years and their spending last season. That’s not the same as saying they’ve gone over the edge, though.

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