BREAKING: Detroit Lions Head Coach Dan Campbell Angrily Reacts To Controversial Loss To Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys vs. Detroit Lions Saturday Night Football game will go down in history, especially the way it concluded. With a few seconds remaining in the fourth quarter, the Lions narrowed their deficit to 20-19 with a touchdown. The Lions chose to go for the win on a two-point conversion rather than try for the extra point to tie the game and perhaps force overtime. Although the NFL referees perceived it differently, they ultimately threw the ball to their offensive tackle Taylor Decker, who scored what would have been the game-winning touchdown.

The play ended up being called back because of an illegal touching penalty, and the referees claimed that Decker did not report as an eligible receiver. The Detroit sideline erupted, and fans were confused as to why the team was not happy with the call. After the game ended with a 20-19 loss for Detroit, video evidence showed that Decker did indeed report as an eligible receiver, which has cause major controversy amongst NFL fans and analysts.

Lions head coach Dan Campbell was angry about the situation and looked like he was holding back words in the press conference after the game.

Campbell then paced around the podium, flung a paper that was on the table in front of him, and even fell apart. He was attempting to sidestep the issues on the contentious call in the hopes of avoiding a large fine, much as what happened to Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs.

Despite their loss to 11-5, Detroit is still the NFC North champion and will undoubtedly make the playoffs. With the release of the video proof and widespread claims that the NFL is rigged, the league may be in big trouble. Will the NFL address the officials’ error or remain silent about the matter, which will guarantee

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