Green Bay Packers slammed over “spectacularly bad” Aaron Rodgers treatment ahead of trade

The New York Jets have already held negotiations with Aaron Rodgers, the quarterback, in an attempt to broker a transaction, and the Green Bay Packers will deal Rodgers if they can obtain the required compensation.

The quarterback Aaron Rodgers appears to be on the verge of leaving the Green Bay Packers, and the franchise has come under fire for how it has handled the matter.

The Packers and Rodgers have had an unusual connection in recent years. The Denver Broncos were allegedly interested in trading for Aaron Rodgers in 2020, when he was linked to another team.

That followed two seasons in which Rodgers’ performance was criticized a little bit, leading some to speculate that the great quarterback was losing form.

The Packers showed their dedication to Aaron Rodgers by refusing to trade him, but they surprised everyone in the NFL by selecting Jordan Love with the top pick in the first round to replace him.

Although Rodgers proved he’s still one of the league’s best quarterbacks by earning back-to-back MVP honors in 2020 and 2021 before having a terrible season this past season, Love would not see the field as the starter.

The Packers rewarded Aaron Rodgers with a massive $150 million agreement, intended to keep him with the organization until his retirement, following those outstanding years.

But now that Rodgers is most likely headed to the New York Jets, the story between the player and the Packers will likely come to an end.

Bill Simmons of The Ringer criticized the Packers’ handling of the problem on his show, pointing out that they lack a clear plan and have appeared to change their views a few times.

“I believe Green Bay has handled this incredibly poorly for a few years now,” he stated.

“I don’t understand why they extended his contract last year; there simply seems to be a major gap starting with the Jordan Love selection and continuing all the way through. They seem to be the only team without an owner, which is unusual to me, and this has been handled poorly.

“Even letting the Jets negotiate with Rodgers… unless it’s going to come out that it was already agreed, but if I’m

“Okay, cool, let’s do it,” said Rodgers to the Jets. “But why am I even giving up a first-round pick in that scenario?” Against whom am I competing?

“How many more teams could raise their salary cap to include his compensation? There were rumors that he may visit Vegas, but since Vegas is bankrupt, they are unable to pay for him given the salary ceiling. I’m just skeptical, even though I’ve seen that there will be a first-round and something else.”

If a trade is necessary, it most likely will occur before the free agency window opens on March 15. In order to develop around Rodgers, the Jets may want to strengthen their offensive line.

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