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‘Give you whack’: Ange Postecoglou says one Tottenham player crossed the line

According to Ange Postecoglou, a Tottenham player last season got a “whack” for going over the line.

Ange Postecoglou, manager of Tottenham Hotspur, has commented on the incident that occurred last season between Richarlison and Brennan Johnson in the game against Nottingham Forest.

During the time that Spurs were led by Antonio Conte, Richardson, who had recently joined the team, frequently came off the bench in the opening games of the season. The most talked-about moment of the match was what the Brazilian did at Nottingham Forest.

Ange Postecoglou addresses Richarlison and Brennan Johnson incident ahead of Nottingham Forest vs Tottenham

In their fourth Premier League match of the previous season, Tottenham traveled to the City Ground to play Nottingham Forest.

Spurs had a strong start to the season, so they were full of confidence. Thanks to a brace from Harry Kane, they emerged victorious in the game, as expected.


But the main topic of conversation was what transpired when Richarlison entered the game as a substitute in the second half.

In the midst of the match, the Brazilian attempted to flaunt himself by performing keepie-uppies. Naturally, that didn’t go over well, and Brennan Johnson—a Forest player at the time—crushed into him with a fierce challenge.After the game, Steve Cooper was incensed.

Reacting to the incident, Ange Postecoglou said that Richarlison went too far by being a showboater and supported Johnson for what he did.

He remarked, as reported by Football London: “I think someone would give you a whack even if you did what Richy did when he was younger! It is merely a feature of football. There is a line, as everybody is aware.

“Everything is fine. The game’s enjoyment shouldn’t be diminished in any way. It is common knowledge among players that there exists a boundary, and that if you step over it, you will be quickly repositioned by someone.

“Brennan got Richy to do that.”

Ange Postecoglou backs Brennan Johnson's 'whack' on Richarlison

Richarlison and Brennan Johnson need to step up for Tottenham

Following the event from the previous year, Richarlison and Brennan Johnson would have most likely disliked one another, but they are now good friends and on the same side.

There is tremendous potential for both attackers. While they haven’t quite mastered it yet, they possess the ability to score goals consistently for this Tottenham team.

Nevertheless, Johnson has been getting better every week, and Richarlison is now injury-free. In the upcoming months, they both have the potential to soar as they are now in much better places.

Watching how Richarlison and Johnson are received by the home crowd will be interesting when Tottenham plays Nottingham Forest tonight.


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