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‘Top of the game’ – Pundit says two Spurs stars made it look ‘easy’ against Arsenal

Michael Owen has praised the performances that James Maddison and Son Heung-min delivered against Arsenal, remarking that the duo made Tottenham’s second goal look easy.

Spurs came from behind twice to secure a draw at the Emirates, with both of their goals coming from Maddison and Son.

With Son being well marked, Maddison sent a low cross that Son connected with perfectly after eluding Bukayo Saka and reaching the byline. The first goal was quite brilliantly accomplished.

Just one minute after Arsenal had regained the lead on a penalty kick early in the second half, the two displayed their talent once more.

In the center of the field, Maddison stole the ball from Jorginho and carried it ten yards before passing it to the South Korean, who calmly shot the ball past David Raya.

Heung-min Son and Maddison make it look easy

Owen thinks that the Tottenham team did everything flawlessly, making the second goal appear simpler than it actually was.

Premier League Production was informed by him (September 24, 4:15 PM). “They made that (Tottenham’s second goal) look simple. It should be a simple pass in theory, but the timing is off. confirming that everyone is on board. The finish, the weight, and the timing all matter. the tranquility.

Two players that are at the peak of their game. If Tottenham is asking for two players to be advancing toward the goal, you could be thinking, “Please be Maddison and please be Son,” and that’s exactly what happened. They made what should have been a difficult situation look simple.

So many strikers would have panicked if they were in Son’s position for the second goal as the 31-year-old had a lot of time to think about the finish and always knew that the ball was going to come to him. Yet, he kept his composure and got the perfect connection, giving Raya no chance.

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