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John Calipari shares his thoughts about how things ended at Kentucky

“The way it ended… I’ll just say, sucks.”

A new era in Lexington has officially kicked off with Mark Pope now leading the charge as head coach of Kentucky Basketball.

Over the past few years, the downfall of Kentucky and former head coach John Calipari has been a tough one for some to accept.

Even Calipari has openly said it has been a hard adjustment at Arkansas and hates the way things ended between him and Big Blue Nation.

Dennis Dodd of CBS Sports drove to Fayetteville and spoke with the newly appointed head coach of the Razorbacks.

Calipari said without hesitation that he was thrilled to see BBN go and that he knew he was unhappy.

Regarding his departure from Kentucky, the coach remarked, “I think some people were happy.” “We’ve only won 500 games with this guy in 15 years, some people were saying. [Actually 410] We only achieved four Final Fours, eight Elite Eights, and one national championship? “What the devil is happening here?”

It’s no secret that a large portion of Kentucky supporters were disappointed that the Cats hadn’t advanced to the NCAA Tournament’s second weekend since 2019 or to the Final Four since 2015.

Although it’s obvious that Calipari doesn’t like the fans, he did admit that he found it difficult to accept the way things ended in Lexington.

“The manner in which it concluded… To put it simply, sucks.

It was difficult for me to witness the program’s and Calipari’s demise as a Kentucky basketball fan after some of the best years of my life.

It has been an adjustment for the Cats’ supporters as much as for Calipari in Fayetteville.

Whatever your thoughts, Mark Pope has established himself as the head coach of the best men’s basketball program and has stated that he is up to the challenge of leading the program into a new era.

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