Injury update: 49ers player could be force to retire

49ers are “Concerned” With Arik Armstead’s Foot Injury

It’s time to press Arik Armstead’s panic button.

He will miss the 49ers’ home game against the Ravens on Monday night, marking his third straight absence. He’s been suffering with injuries to his knee and foot; it turns out that the foot ailment is the same as the one he had last year. The 49ers are officially concerned about Armstead moving forward as a result.

Indeed, we are worried. Every week, we do believe he has a chance,” Kyle Shanahan stated. However, I believe it’s more related to the foot than the knee. Something that has caused him some slight discomfort. All I can hope for is a reduction in the pain.

Since November 29, Arik Armstead has been coping with a foot injury. That’s when he missed the 49ers’ first practice. Since Armstead had foot ailments last year, particularly plantar fasciitis, I was first concerned. It turns out that at this time of year, that is what is throwing him off. That kind of injury has the potential to recur. When the agony goes away, it doesn’t just disappear.

When it comes back, it resembles a boomerang in most cases. It’s simply impossible to say when it will. Sadly for Armstead, it comes just as the 49ers are starting to prepare for their postseason push. The run defense is beginning to suffer from his absence. With a 234-yard touchdown run last week, the Cardinals demonstrated as much. Javon Hargrave was also ruled out of that match, but with Armstead’s availability uncertain, Hargrave is under even more pressure to make a comeback.

The good news is that it appears Armstead will be coming back. The exact date is unknown and will depend on his ability to control the pain and whether it subsides. From this point on, Armstead is a genuine week-to-week player, so don’t be shocked if he misses Week 17 either.

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