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Harry Kane names toughest defenders faced – including legend who mocked Tottenham

Harry Kane lost out to Giorgio Chiellini during his Tottenham days as they were undone by Juventus in the Champions League before the Italian defender mocked the north London outfit

Giorgio Chiellini is one of the best defenders Harry Kane has ever faced, despite the Italian player making fun of the striker’s Tottenham team in the past.

One of the greatest defenders of the contemporary age, the Italian is a legendary figure. In addition to his achievements with Juventus, he helped his nation win Euro 2020 by defeating England and Kane in the championship game at Wembley a few summers ago.

The other player identified by Kane is John Terry, who faced the legend of Chelsea during his initial breakthrough at.

Tottenham. Terry was nearing the conclusion of his career at that point, and England’s striker was starting to score goals on a regular basis. In fact, in a high-profile victory over the Blues at White Hart Lane back in 2014, Terry scored twice.

“The toughest defenders I’ve faced?” As Kane told ESPN. Yes, I had the impression that John Terry’s reputation as one of the best defenders in the world stemmed from our early-career matches. extraordinarily astute and observant. And then, against Juventus and Italy, you know, Chiellini. I’ll probably go with the two of them because he was really tough to play against, smart again, strong, and skilled in the air.”

Prior to their 2021 European match, Chiellini and the star striker for Bayern Munich first faced off in the Champions League a few years earlier. Kane was a member of Mauricio Pochettino’s youthful team at Tottenham when they attempted to eliminate Juventus from the Champions League in 2018.

But they were unable to build on their halftime advantage. Due to the away goals rule, Tottenham was in control of the first leg in Italy, when they drew 2-2. However, Juventus turned the match around with two quick goals, eventually fending off a late barrage of Tottenham assaults.

After the game, Chiellini asserted that although they were aware of Tottenham’s goal-scoring record, they wouldn’t have enough left to finish the job. The club has been the target of that charge for many years, and the defender’s remarks were thought to be especially damaging.

Following the match, the Italian remarked, “It’s the history of Tottenham.” “They constantly create a lot of opportunities and score a lot, but in the end, they always miss something to win. History is something we believe in. Additionally, the experience and history of yesterday’s match between Real Madrid and Paris Saint-Germain—which Real won—are significant.

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