Springbok star Faf de Klerk’s massive Yokohama salary .

Faf De Klerk earns one of the best salaries among the top Springbok stars thanks to his contract with Yokohama Canon Eagles.

Springbok star Faf de Klerk is beloved in South Africa just as he is highly-valued in Japan.

De Klerk earns one of the best salaries among the top Springbok stars thanks to his contract with Yokohama Canon Eagles.


According to the latest available data, De Klerk is said to earn around R1.77 million per month at the Japanese side which adds up to a yearly salary of more than R21 million.

De Klerk had been reasonably well-paid at Sale Sharks during his long stay with the Premiership club but Yokohama put an offer that the scrumhalf couldn’t refuse on the table.

When he left, Sale manager Alex Sanderson gave him a high recommendation, stating that the South African impact had imprinted on the team for all time.South Africans have a hardworking, gritty body that fits well with the traditional northern caricature. They are known for their no-nonsense demeanor. It’s a nice house for that kind of person nonetheless, and it’s a place they have developed and brought on as much as it has been a wonderful place. They blended in so nicely because of this. the heritage? Even in the breakdown, Faf remains superphysical, combative, and competitive. Whichever team Sale manages to field for the upcoming season will have the scars of all that South African influence.


According to De Klerk, his main past time in Japan is now golf.

“Our primary activity is golf,” De Klerk stated in an interview.

However, we also make an effort to travel throughout Japan as much as we can, seeing new sights and discovering interesting restaurants. We also braai a lot, especially since the weather has improved significantly. The meat selection is exceptional, with excellent Wagyu (Japanese beef), chops, and pork.

“And we will try to have dinner with the Saffas after we play against them, since we know them well.”

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