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‘Crazy how Tottenham have taken him’: Henri Lansbury blasts Daniel Levy’s latest call at Spurs

Henri Lansbury says it’s ‘crazy’ that Tottenham Hotspur chairman Daniel Levy has decided to bring in Johan Lange from Aston Villa.

Daniel Levy reorganized the Tottenham boardroom in November when he named Johann Lange as the team’s new Technical Director. Lange has been working hard since then.

The 44-year-old played for three seasons at Villa, including the previous year when he assisted the team in returning to Europe.

Johan Lange dealt with the now-retired Henri Lansbury at Villa Park, saying to Filthy Fellas that he can’t believe he’s managed to land a job at Spurs.

The former member of the Arsenal academy who departed Aston Villa in 2021 revealed that, due to his ongoing injuries, he understood that the Midlands club wanted to part ways with him approaching the end of his contract.

However, he objected to the thought of training with the U23s and being cut off from the first squad, noting that “there was this one guy, apparently he was calling the shots.”

Henri Lansbury was obviously referring to Johan Lange when he said he was surprised that Spurs had decided to sign him.

Henri Lansbury on Johan Lange

“I went to Villa after I done well (at Forest),” said Lansbury. “Then, probably my last year, they said ‘we aren’t

Adding you to the squad since I was always getting hurt I thought, “Fair enough.” That is the state of affairs.

Yet when they begin to assert that “you are not permitted to be in the first-team changing room,” The first team is not for you to train with. Select U21 or U23. “I ain’t a d____head to the team,” you say. If anything, I attempt to raise it.

“They were acting in that way, but they said, ‘We are trying to buy you out of your contract,'” They present you with an offer. Regarding my contract, I stated, “If you want me to go, pay my money and I will bounce.” 20% or 22%.

“Thereafter, I go in every day. Workout with the U23 squad. There’s no getting me down. Good morning, how are you? I’m saying. What’s up with the family? Every employee. I’ll greet each and every person. However, it seemed like one individual was making all the decisions.

“Apparently, he is at Tottenham now, Johan Lange?” is then said to Lansbury. In response, he said:

Yeah, I think it’s crazy how they’ve treated him. Best of luck

Johan Lange at Spurs

Villa had their own boardroom reorganization, which included Christian Purslow, the CEO, leaving.

Instead of performing poorly, these players excelled and advanced the team and, more recently, the club, with Unai Emery playing a significant role.

Lange would have performed well, in your opinion, if he could have a comparable effect at Spurs to what he did at Villa.

The harsh and cutthroat nature of business and football is the reason why there is nothing wrong with the way he handled Lansbury.

You are not there to please everyone, nor can you please everyone.

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