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‘Outstanding’: Ange Postecoglou says £17m Tottenham player did too much work last night but he was brilliant

Ange Postecoglou has now lauded the impact that Guglielmo Vicario had for Tottenham Hotspur in their win versus Fulham on Monday.

Postecoglou was quite miffed with his Tottenham team’s sloppy performance in the second half, while being pleased with the victory.

The management immediately expressed his gratitude to Vicario for assuring that the outcome was never in any serious doubt.

Vicario was overworked against Fulham, according to Postecoglou, who revealed as much to the BBC following the Tottenham match.

Vic was exceptional, he said, truly terrific.

He also made a superb save in the opening period.

This year, we haven’t really needed him much, but when we have, he has excelled.

He ultimately preserved a clean sheet for us and kept us in the match.

If we had followed our game plan, we could have made him less busy, which is what I would have preferred.

In an interview with Spurs Play, Postecoglou elaborated on this, saying, “Second half, we were just really wasteful with the ball, we were really poor, as poor as we were all year.”

Vic was fortunately exceptional in a few key occasions to preserve a clean sheet.

Postecoglou was frustrated at how much Tottenham relied on Vicario against Fulham

Although Postecoglou was disappointed by his team’s performance, it was Son Heung-Min who had regrets about his own conduct.

After the game, Son admitted that he wasn’t proud of how he reacted when he was replaced in the 82nd minute.

When his number was delayed, the skipper was obviously disappointed, which he now regrets.

Of course, despite a few things that might need to be improved, Spurs had a really successful evening.

Vicario’s busy performance against Fulham, despite Postecoglou’s displeasure, does suggest that the £17 million goalkeeper is capable of handling the job.

Spurs have a little turnaround left before their Friday night trip to Crystal Palace.

And Roy Hodgson’s team will undoubtedly be in a determined frame of mind to bounce back after a 4-0 defeat to Newcastle United on Saturday.

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