‘Exactly what I’m told’: Journalist shares where he’s been told Mohamed Kudus will actually play for West Ham

Mohammed Kudus to West Ham has the potential to be one of the signings of the summer.

If utilised in the right position, the Ghanaian’s extraordinary potential might rock the Premier League.

Although Kudus’s position is undefined, Dean Jones of the Ranks FC Ultras Podcast claims that the former Ajax player is being considered as a striker rotation option.

Kudus to be used as a striker

Jones revealed what he is aware about the assailant.

“Exactly, I’ve been told that he will frequently be deployed as a rotator through the middle. Man United considered using him as what Hojlund will be, according to how they described him. It’s intriguing since, in my opinion, he wasn’t defined for that kind of function by the majority of organizations. Jones argued that West Ham may not always use him for that.

Good problem to have

Kudus presents a challenge for West Ham because it’s difficult to determine what position he performs best in given his versatility.

Although it can seem like a pain for David Moyes, it’s actually a terrific problem to have.

While Kudus may not start every week as West Ham’s top striker, he will always have a place in this team in some capacity. In fact, the fact that Kudus can play in any attacking role as well as in the midfield is an advantage rather than a disadvantage.

If Kudus is utilized properly, he may be the acquisition of the summer.

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