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Kentucky Basketball In The Mix For A Highly Touted Transfer

North Florida transfer Chaz Lanier is in Lexington today on his official visit to Kentucky. Lanier is an elite talent and is the second-best uncommitted player in the transfer portal. Lanier offers a lot to the Wildcats and can help new coach Mark Pope bring Kentucky Basketball back to its full potential.

Kentucky Basketball in the Mix for a Highly Touted Transfer

Lanier shot over 50/40/90 last season and exploded for 19.7 points per game after an unimpressive first three seasons at North Florida. Using 7.5 shots per game, he shot an incredible 44% from three-point range. In addition, he is a fantastic athlete and defender. The greatest programs in the country immediately wanted him after he entered the portal. Among the clubs that seem to have a good chance of obtaining his services is Kentucky.

Thus far, the Wildcats have signed several amazing athletes through the portal. Several outstanding guards, such as Koby Brea, Kerr Kriisa, and Lamont Butler, are included in this. Mark Pope, though, seems to prefer a different lead guard.Before deciding to go to Fayetteville, FAU transfer Johnell Davis was being courted by Kentucky and Arkansas for his talents. Pope now wants to use the opening this created for him to take on Lanier. Even yet, it’s still difficult to convince a backcourt that already has a lot of players to add a ball-dominant guard. Kentucky will be among the favorites to win the title at the beginning of the season if Pope can persuade Lanier to visit Lexington.

Other Teams Interested In Lanier


Tennessee, Kentucky Basketball’s main opponent, poses the greatest threat to Lanier right now. Lanier is from Nashville, and even before he opened the portal, he was connected to the Vols. With Lanier, Rick Barnes is trying to find his next Dalton Knecht. Both players are extremely athletic guards with similar skill sets who can make threes quickly. Additionally, Tennessee provides a far better scenario than Kentucky. There is a little less competition in Knoxville’s backcourt because the Vols have not been as active on the transfer portal. Nevertheless, Kentucky is a blue blood and will undoubtedly influence this recruiting.


Another school in the mix for Lanier is BYU. This won’t be the first time BYU and Kentucky are linked together this offseason as current Kentucky head coach Mark Pope coached at BYU for the last 5 years. After Pope’s departure, BYU’s roster took a tremendous hit with six players entering the portal. If Lanier were to go here, he would be the star of the team. However, BYU seems like a long shot in this recruitment.

Where Will Lanier End Up?

It looks like a fight between Tennessee and Kentucky right now. Even while it’s still possible, it doesn’t appear likely right now. Lanier is scheduled to visit Tennessee shortly after his visit to Kentucky today. A decision is probably going to be made soon after. Tennessee is thought to be the front-runner in this recruitment right now. Lanier has been targeted by the Vols for some time, and the hometown sell helps. However, keep Kentucky in mind, particularly during the NIL period.

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