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“It could have happened” – Player admits he considered retiring at Tottenham this season, reveals what changed his mind S

Former Tottenham Hotspur goalkeeper Hugo Lloris has been doing a round of interviews with the French media this week, often mentioning his exit from Spurs in January.

This time speaking to L’Equipe, the player brought some details about his decision to leave the Premier League club.

This time, he even admitted that retirement was a scenario on the table for him when he was still at Tottenham, but he ended up going to the United States instead.

“I didn’t want to stop, but if I hadn’t had the opportunity that matched my criteria, it could have happened. Things work out in the end. I was right to turn down a few shaky offers last summer. When LAFC approached me at the beginning of December, the flame was quickly rekindled.

“I couldn’t have found anything better than this competitive football, because the club wants the MLS title, while retaining a human face. Football takes you on a journey. I feel privileged to do it in these conditions,” Lloris told L’Equipe.

Lloris joined Tottenham on a €12.6m move from Lyon back in 2012 and made 444 appearances during his time there.

He now has a 37-year-old contract with Los Angeles FC that expires in December 2024. Last weekend, he made his debut for them in the MLS opening match, which saw them defeat Seattle Sounders 2-1.

Lloris also said in a different interview with the French media this week that he felt this was the “end of an era” for him at Tottenham because the team and he both wanted to move on.

It seems sense that retirement at the club level was an option for someone who had already resigned from the national team following the 2022 World Cup final, but it’s wonderful to see that the MLS gave him a terrific opportunity to play on.

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