Michigan’s Roman Wilson Reflects On Why He Chose Michigan  

Senior wideout Roman Wilson has established himself as the top target in Michigan’s offense this season, and his production is a big reason for the Wolverines being one win away from claiming their first national championship since 1997. 

Meeting with the media on Saturday, Wilson discussed the upcoming matchup with Washington, along with why he chose Michigan coming out of high school.

Q. (Question off Microphone)

ROMAN WILSON: There’s no denying that Washington is a top team. They remind me a lot of this squad and the foundation upon which they are formed. Many guys who will stop at nothing to help win a game. They play with such much energy that they fly around the field. They transfer the momentum from the offense to the defense and the defense to the offensively when they make huge plays. They are excellent, and I believe our matchup will be fruitful.

Q. (Question off Microphone)

ROMAN WILSON: I don’t really talk to Rome. I may have said congrats or something like that a while back, but when I met him, he’s a very, very respectable, humble guy. Very good. You know, I look at him as a friend almost, you know, when I met him, but we haven’t talked much since, but he’s a very good guy.

Q. How is the game plan against Washington differ than Alabama, and much different defense philosophy. Do you approach this game wildly different?

ROMAN WILSON: I think we have a lot of options for whatever the defense throws at us, regardless of who we play or the matchup. Using the resources they provide, we will search for huge plays. Many players are anticipated to produce major plays during the contest.

Q. In the end zone, what went through your mind that moment you jumped over the goal line?

ROMAN WILSON: Anyone might have arrived there after a two-minute drive. That play occured on what I believe to be second down. It was a great feeling to be able to cross the end zone and tie the game for our team, and I felt pretty confident that if that play didn’t work, I would come back with another one. I also had complete faith in the coaches and players to get us into the end zone. I consider myself extremely fortunate and fortunate.

Q. (Question off Microphone)

ROMAN WILSON: Definitely not the Rose Bowl — like I never thought that I would be the guy to make big plays, but you know, like being who I am and how I grew up, and you know how I think and process information, and you know, I’m not really surprised. I put in a lot of work and prepare a lot for these games, so you know when I get my opportunity, I’m gonna make the most of it.

Q. (Question off Microphone)

ROMAN WILSON: I think the NIL program here is good. I think it’s more focused on development for players, winning national championships, winning games, developing people, not only on the football field, but for the rest of their life, you know. One thing, my opinion on NIL, I feel like you lose track of what your main goal was coming to college, and you know, my goal is to come into college was never to hold a lot of money and get a lot of money, I want to use college as an opportunity to better my life, and I feel like Michigan does a good job with that.

Q. From Hawaii, asking what kind of pride do you take being from that state and representing that state?

ROMAN WILSON: Growing up in Hawaii is a unique experience, so yes, quite a bit, guy. Additionally, I feel as though the entire island is behind me because of our link. Every child from that area supports them, and I walk around feeling proud of myself and aware that I get to represent my city. Furthermore, it differs from other places where people grow up. I have a great sense of pride in being the only one, and I carry the title with me everywhere I go. No matter what I accomplish in life, that’s who I am and where I’m from.

Q. (Question off Microphone)

ROMAN WILSON: He was a cool guy. Kind of reminds me a lot of Semaj Morgan, just a guy who kind of lifts the mood up and a lot of places and cracks a lot of jokes, and, you know, a very good athlete as well. I only wish he was still on this team, I mean he’s a good guy to be around them. Every time we’ve had an experience with him it’s always been positive, so. I love that guy.

Q. (Question off Microphone)

ROMAN WILSON: I talked with them, so you know it was it was a little bit shocking, but you know he thought that was the best option for him and, you know, if he thinks that then I agree with him too.

Q. (Question off Microphone)

ROMAN WILSON: Wouldn’t say it’s one route. I feel like it’s just getting an open spot and making it easy for him, and, you know, just doing everything I can to make a good play for him. I feel like that’s where the chemistry and the trust comes from.

Q. (Question off Microphone)

ROMAN WILSON: You talking about Tui? Yeah, I played with Tui. He’s cool. When I was a younger guy, he was one of those guys on the team who was like the highly-rated recruit so you know him kind of being a role model for us younger guys and kind of opening the door and leading us and showing us, you know, this is possible, this is a thing you can do, come here, and can play football, and go to the next level, and do good, and him being a role model, that was a lot for me, and watching him go to UW, and follow his dream, and made it much easier for me to want to do it too.

Q. (Question off Microphone)

ROMAN WILSON: UW’s defense, They’re really good. You know, they fly around the field and play with a lot of effort, physical, they get moving. Get moving and whatever they give us, you know, we’re going to take it. And going to do everything we can to win this game.

Q. Media day comes full circle. And you said there is unfinished business. Very adamant about that.

(Question off Microphone)

ROMAN WILSON: There’s no denying that the pressure and intensity are increasing as the National Championship game progresses from the outside. However, I think this team and these coaches do an excellent job of keeping our attention on the next game and not worrying about what’s in front of us. And I think that’s really helped me just concentrate on the game, not exaggerate its importance, and just go out there and give it my all.

Q. (Question off Microphone)

ROMAN WILSON: Yeah, I didn’t take too many trips being out in Hawaii. I remember, I went to Cal, UCLA, Michigan, and then Oregon in that order, and the same week and, you know, from being at UCLA and Cal, and them expressing their affection to me as well. You know that when I moved to Michigan and saw the facilities—the weight room, the training room, the field, the second field, and the grass field—my love changed. And everything they displayed to me was like, “This is where I want to be, and this is what I want.” When I arrived at Michigan and saw everything they put into the process, it really stuck out to me that I wanted to do everything in my power to improve my body, mind, and academic standing as well as my football career and understanding of the game.

Q. Who is the strongest guy on the team?

ROMAN WILSON: I think it’s Kris Jenkins, Kris and probably Trente. I seen him throw some insane amount of weights, like Turkish getup with a 200-pound dumbbell, and it’s absolutely insane, like watching him pick weight up like that and carry it. Like, that’s unreal, like one hand like 200-some pounds, like, that’s insane.

Q. Fastest guy?

ROMAN WILSON: I’m gonna say me. I’m always gonna say me, but there’s some dudes on the team, Eamonn, Kechaun, am I missing anyone? Junior be sliding for a bigger guy. He’s really fast too.

Q. (Question off Microphone)

ROMAN WILSON: These receivers we have are definitely special. You turn the camera around, he has a big old hat on. And I was wearing it earlier, and I don’t blame him, that’s the type of group we have. We’d be in the meeting room, we’d be at practice cracking jokes, just having fun, and, you know, these guys are next level, and they’re all really good too. So I just love being around them.

Q. For people who never get to be in the shoes you are in, playing for national title, how do you describe it?

ROMAN WILSON: Dude, this is crazy. The sheer volume of people who watch and follow us, as well as the support we receive from Michigan alone. It’s not real. It’s a huge blessing, you know. I like to tell myself that this team aspires to be the leader of the leaders because that’s what I think it takes to be a leader in the group.

Q. (Question off Microphone)

ROMAN WILSON: For me… I feel like wearing a jersey like that is a special jersey. You want to be the best person wearing that number, no matter what team you are on, who you are playing, the best number 1, number 0, number 6, on the field at all times.

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