Michigan Football Quarterback Clarifies Sign-Stealing Comments

Michigan football quarterback JJ McCarthy clarified his sign-stealing comments.

Washington and Michigan will compete for this season’s national title on Monday. Football quarterback JJ McCarthy of Michigan, a junior signal-caller for the Wolverines, made some strong remarks on the accusations of sign-stealing before to the game. He clarified his meaning later in the week after many in the media and on social media exaggerated the situation.

Michigan football quarterback JJ McCarthy clarifies sign-stealing comments

The Michigan football team has been hit with sign-stealing allegations time and time again this year — it’s as if

After every victory and achievement, including a perfect 14-0 season, a CFP victory, a Big Ten championship, a victory against Ohio State, and more, it has been used to disparage the Wolverines.

JJ McCarthy made some strong remarks about sign theft earlier this week. He claimed that Ohio State was taking the Wolverines’ signs, that 80 percent of CFB teams stole signage, and more. Later that week, after the media misrepresented his remarks, McCarthy clarified his intentions.

“JJ McCarthy came into the Schembechler facility lobby to speak with me directly after Michigan practice on Wednesday, to address his remarks about swiping signs earlier in the day,” according to a tweet from ESPN reporter Marty

Smith. “It’s about protecting our own signs, not upping our opportunity to win by stealing (other teams’) signs,” he added, explaining that Michigan is “forced to disguise and camouflage our signs.” He said the team has had to do this during his three years at Michigan.

Regardless of the ire expressed by certain members of the media, Michigan football quarterback JJ McCarthy and his Wolverines will be vying for a national championship on Monday. Whether it’s a sign-stealing move or not, the Wolverines are unstoppable and have the opportunity to dispel some unfavorable rumors if they defeat the Washington Huskies and capture the program’s first title since the 1997 campaign.

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