Michigan Football Shockingly Gets High Praise From ESPN Pundit

Michigan football just earned some head-turning praise from an unlikely ESPN pundit: Paul Finebaum

With important regular-season games approaching, the Michigan Wolverines were recently engulfed in accusations of sign-stealing, called “cheaters,” and more. Now that Michigan football is 14-0 going into next Monday’s National Championship Game versus Washington, thanks to victories against Penn State, Ohio State, Alabama, and more, ESPN analyst and SEC Network talking head Paul Finebaum has had to change his opinion of Michigan.

Michigan football earns praise from ESPN pundit Paul Finebaum

Paul Finebaum appeared to be largely leading the charge against Michigan football amid the sign-stealing allegations; however, the ESPN talking head recently changed his take. Why? Well, the Wolverines knocked off Alabama 27-20 in the Rose Bowl, further proving Finebaum wrong about Jim Harbaugh and his roster — it wasn’t the sign-stealing after all.

Leading up to the title game, Finebaum publicly changed his mind about the prospect of Michigan football winning it all — it won’t be a “tainted” title, he says.

“I would say they (Michigan) won it legitimately, and congratulations to the best team in college football, Hail to the Victors,” Paul Finebaum said on ESPN. “I said a lot of those things (about a tainted title) and I said it right here to you,” Finebaum admitted. “But after spending a week around the Michigan program, I came away with a different view. These young players — (Blake) Corum, (JJ) McCarthy — these guys had nothing to do with whatever happened in this program. They are really the epitome of what you expect a college program to be.”

Finebaum not worried about Jim Harbaugh role in sign-stealing allegations, he says

For nine years now, ESPN pundit Paul Finebaum has kept Michigan football coach Jim Harbaugh in his crosshairs — he has targeted Harbaugh and the Wolverines time and time again. While the ESPN host feels that Harbaugh’s time with the Wolverines is coming to an end, he made it clear that he remains uncertain about the coach’s role

in the claims of sign theft and beyond. However, Finebaum believes it won’t matter as long as the Wolverines win a title, unlike the rest of college football.

Regarding Jim Harbaugh, Finebaum remarked, “I’m not sure what he did.” “However, given the current status of college football, I doubt that many people will find it significant.”

On Monday night, Alabama issued an urgent appeal saying, “Hey, we just lost, we need more money.” If Michigan wins the title on Monday night, it won’t matter all that much when you compare what’s happening in college football to what occurred with Michigan.

Wolverines facing first-ever National Championship Game

In addition to winning the Rose Bowl, making the CFP once more, winning the Big Ten championship, and making an appearance in the National Championship Game, the 144th Michigan football team has already created history. One thing is certain despite everything going on with the sign-stealing inquiry and beyond: this squad is a title contender whether or not their signs are stolen.

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