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‘There’ll be a few takers’: Danny Murphy believes plenty of sides will now target ‘brilliant’ Tottenham player

Danny Murphy has issued his verdict on reports that Eric Dier has been given the green light to leave Tottenham Hotspur in the January transfer window.

The last six months of Eric Dier’s contract in North London are about to begin. Unfortunately, since Ange Postecoglou’s appointment in the summer, the 29-year-old has not played much.

Dier’s position behind Ben Davies and Emerson Royal in the center-back hierarchy does seem concerning. Additionally, it could be best for everyone if a relocation away is decided upon during this window.

Danny Murphy believes that a lot of teams will try to sign Tottenham defender Eric Dier.

West Ham is interested in Dier. Moreover, the source claims that Ange Postecoglou has declared his freedom to quit the club.

Of course, Dier can choose to stay put for the remainder of his deal and then sign a free transfer in the summer. Thus, depending on the proposals that are made, the defender might give that some serious thought.

Additionally, Danny Murphy stated on talkSPORT that he has seen several clubs make an attempt to sign the England international.

“I believe it’s just one of those circumstances where you lose a little confidence and fall from favor.” Physically, he wasn’t cut out for the high line and quickness that Tottenham plays right now,” he remarked.

Therefore, I don’t think he’s a part of the future, even if he’s clearly performed well for Tottenham in the past. most likely under a solid contract, and because they won’t extend it or pay the same amount, he is considering his choices. There are times when things on and off the field need to be balanced. Because he can play center midfield and center back, he’s a decent player for someone. I believe Dier will find a few adopters.

Boost for Spurs if they can sell 29-year-old this month

Dier should ideally be off the books this month for Tottenham. Considering his contract status, they would obviously not anticipate receiving a significant transfer fee. However, taking the wages off the books a few months early might be beneficial.

Dier used to be so crucial to Tottenham. He was considered “brilliant” for several years. Additionally, he was crucial to Spurs’ seasons when they came dangerously close to winning championships and challenging for Europe’s top award.

Thus, one would assume that his contract will be quite profitable.

However, Dier still has a lot of control over when to walk away at this point in his contract.

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