‘Really important’ England hopeful signs a new deal with Northampton

Star centre Fraser Dingwall has signed a new deal with Northampton Saints as a fair reward for some brilliant form this season.

Dingwall has been a key player in helping his side climb to the summit of the Premiership on the back of six consecutive wins.


The 24-year-old already has more than a century of caps for the club and director of rugby Phil Dowson sees Dingwall as a key part of the leadership group.

Fraser is a leader and one of our team’s older players, especially when it comes to the defensive end of the field, despite his age, according to Dowson.

Fraser is a highly valued member of the team, and many look up to him for advice on how to play the game and how to prepare for it.

Without a question, he is a top-tier player because of his exceptional game reading, deft line-footing, and ability to contribute greatly on both sides of the ball.

However, what’s even more amazing about him is the way he watches out for others, makes sure everyone is headed in the correct direction, and interacts with the coaches—all those aspects are

Ready for Test rugby

Dowson believes Dingwall will be an asset at Test level having already been on the fringes of the England set-up.

“It’s evident that he can already play at that level because he has been recognized on a global scale and selected for numerous England training camps,” Dowson stated.

Although it is difficult to enter into the international rugby scene, I have faith that Fraser can succeed because of his capacity to improve every player in his vicinity.

In order to move everyone in that backline in the right direction, he makes space, completes the unseen task, and speaks with them all.

“He’s one of those players that, once he puts on an international shirt, will be very difficult to stop because of his immense influence on people around him.”

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