JJ McCarthy NFL Draft: Will Michigan Football Lose Its Star QB?

Even though JJ McCarthy is regarded as a first-round NFL prospect, his NFL draft scouting report is very much an unfinished work, even in what may be the final game of the season. The quarterback for Michigan has had a strange season, which makes sense given that Michigan football has had a strange season overall. McCarthy had a great start to the season, but the Wolverines’ incident involving sign-stealing marred it, and he was not nearly as good in the latter weeks. However, in the latter stages of Michigan’s season, he faced some of the nation’s toughest defenses.

The JJ McCarthy NFL draft stock question has too many holes in it, according to analyst Kirk Herbstreit.

“I believe he’s still a quarterback who would benefit from playing college sports for one more season. According to the site Maize and Brew, Herbstreit stated, “He may be an NFL first-round pick if he leaves, but it’s not about being a first-rounder to me at that position.” “I usually look at reps, and if you look at the quarterbacks that have recently entered the NFL and done quite well pretty quickly, you can see what I mean.

“On Thursday, when I’m covering these NFL games, I look at quarterbacks, especially the young ones. How long did they play for? How many plays did he get both as a starter and a passer? Although JJ has experienced a lot, I believe that one more year will enable him to become practically a turnkey quarterback when you’re ready.

JJ McCarthy NFL Draft Scouting Report: Incomplete

McCarthy led Michigan football to 18 touchdown passes and just three interceptions in the team’s first nine games this season (all of which came in the team’s victory over Bowling Green). In those nine games, he completed passes for 237 yards per game. However, look at the statistics since then: only one touchdown throw and 124 yards per game. He’s changed considerably.

Regarding Herbstreit’s NFL draft scouting report on JJ McCarthy, ESPN analyst Mel Kiper concurred. According to Kiper, there is simply too much about McCarthy that is unknown.

J.J. McCarthy of Michigan is [an intriguing wild card at quarterback], since he has been one of the hardest players to evaluate this entire class, according to Kiper. “He has the skills to be a contender for the No. 3 quarterback position, but in the end, he didn’t win me over.” What happened to the “wow” throws? He didn’t go through many progressions that I saw. Although he only managed four interceptions, three of them were against Green Bowling?

Additionally, he wasn’t asked to use his arm to beat teams, in part because the Wolverines defeated every team they faced until November. McCarthy obviously has a lot of talent, but not every NFL team will be smitten, so he might fall to the second round. He is currently my No. 7 quarterback.

Michigan Football Hiding McCarthy Talents

However, one scout stated that the issue with any draft JJ McCarthy-NFL scouting report is that it’s probably going to be lacking some information. Simply put, he hasn’t completed many passes in a cautious UM attack.

However, if McCarthy adds his name to the NFL draft roster, that ought to alter. A further examination of McCarthy will demonstrate his skill. Of course, that would be a setback for Michigan football, but McCarthy would have more flexibility in the NFL if they made it to the first round.

“I believe that many individuals haven’t thoroughly examined McCarthy as of yet,” a scout covering the Michigan region told ESPN. “But he will rise when they do.” He would rule a competition such as the Senior Bowl.

He reminds me of an athletic Kirk Cousins, the Michigan region scout remarked.

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