Falcons’ Taylor Heinicke gets brutally honest on loss to Bears: ‘They beat our a**’

The Chicago Bears took it to the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday, as Atlanta never really had a chance. They were outplayed in every facet of the game and the loss made their playoff chances a bit wonky. After the game, quarterback Taylor Heinicke kept it real when asked about the game.

Heinicke didn’t mince words at all. The Falcons quarterback basically reiterated what every else saw on Sunday,

As reported by D. Orlando Ledbetter, team journalist.

They followed the same course of action as what we [see] on film. We were simply defeated by them.I believe they just beat our ass right now.

Honestly, there’s just no other way to say it. In this game, the Bears were superior over the Falcons in every way. Chicago enjoyed 37 minutes and 14 seconds of ball control at the end of the day, finishing with 240 passing yards and 192 running yards. In contrast, Atlanta had just 22 minutes and 46 seconds of ball control at the end of the game, finishing with 173 passing yards and 134 rushing yards. The most obvious distinction is in the amount of time possessed.

It will be intriguing to see the Falcons’ next actions. Though they have little chance of making the postseason, they are still officially in the running for the playoffs. Though there is a lot of talent on this squad, it is generally believed that this club is just one quarterback away from being a real threat. If the offense fed their star players as well, that would be beneficial.

The Falcons’ crucial Week 18 matchup against the New Orleans Saints is scheduled. To end the regular season, we’ll see if that can get back into the victory column. Their dreams of making the playoffs will be entirely dashed if they don’t.


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