Big surprise for Alabama, but not for Michigan !

Alabama Taking Precautions to Prevent Michigan Sign Stealing Before Rose Bowl

The Crimson Tide have taken measures this week to prevent additional chances to steal signs. Jordan Godfree/USA TODAY Sports

UM opponents were asked how they would protect their information from any probing eyes, like maize and blue eyes, as soon as the Michigan sign-stealing probe gained traction in October.

Coach Ryan Day of Ohio State said that the previous year’s Buckeyes had altered their signs due to whispers in the coaching staff that the Wolverines were skilled at, at the very least, swiping signs during games.

In an attempt to hide its plays in the Fiesta Bowl the previous year, TCU used phony signals, and Michigan State’s backup quarterback personally ran the plays in from the sideline.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that Alabama, Michigan’s next opponent, is taking all necessary precautions to conceal information.

Isaiah Bond, a receiver for the Crimson Tide, remarked, “I believe they stated Michigan was stealing signs the first eight weeks.” We’re not permitted to watch movies on our own, so we’re only watching them with the team. We don’t want anything similar to occur once more.


Michigan football quarterback signee makes major impression

Michigan’s J.J. McCarthy looks to throw against Michigan State during the first quarter on Saturday, Oct. 21, 2023, at Spartan Stadium in East Lansing.

Latest Buzz Surrounding Michigan Football Quarterback Signee

LOS ANGELES Prior to Michigan’s CFP game against Alabama, last week, Michigan football quarterback signee Jadyn Davis formally committed to Jim Harbaugh and the Wolverines by signing his NLI. JJ McCarthy, the quarterback for U-M right now, gave us a lot of excellent feedback about Davis today, which helped to build even more excitement for the star recruit in the Wolverines’ 2024 class.

Jadyn Davis, a five-star quarterback prospect at the time, committed to play for the University of Michigan football program on the last day of March. This was a huge victory for the Wolverines. Since then, Davis’ ranking has decreased to four stars, although he is still ranked among the top 10 quarterbacks and top 100 players in the country overall.

This week, Jadyn Davis is getting his first official reps with Michigan football as it practices for the Rose Bowl game, which pits the No. 1 Wolverines against the No. 4 Crimson Tide on Monday afternoon. Seeing as Davis and

We learned more about Davis earlier today from Michigan’s current quarterback, JJ McCarthy, who seems to have a unique bond with him.

Described Jadyn Davis as “extremely, extremely cool” by JJ McCarthy. “I haven’t been in this situation where I’ve been the starter for the past two years, and guys are just joining and getting to know such a wonderful family and guy.” Right away, it seemed right. A superb athlete and football thrower, to put it simply. He is quite talented, as I have seen during my several training sessions with him this past summer. Just such a fantastic teammate and leader.

“I Just have so many good things to say about him, but I can’t wait for him to show you guys.”

JJ McCarthy impressed with Jadyn Davis ahead of the Rose Bowl

January 1, 2023, Los Angeles, California, USA: Leishman Trophy, awarded to the Rose Bowl champion, at the Sheraton Grand Los Angeles. Required Credit: USAA TODAY Sports/Kirby Lee

It is improbable that Michigan football will turn the reins over to a true freshman the next year, even if JJ McCarthy leaves for the NFL after this season. JJ was probably a more college-ready prospect and even he had to wait a year behind Cade McNamara. Furthermore, it is rarely done to start an 18-year-old in the Big Ten because it is never a good idea.

Nevertheless, it’s evident that the coaching staff believes Davis might lead the Michigan football program in the future, and JJ McCarthy appears to agree.


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