Ohio State CB slams refs a month after losing to Michigan

It was a touchdown, but Burke is adamant it wasn’t

Excuses are rarely worth making in defeat yet that’s precisely what Ohio State cornerback Denzel Burke chose to do a month after Michigan beat the Buckeyes 30-24.

Burke isn’t happy about a touchdown he allowed. Michigan quarterback J.J. McCarthy found wideout Roman Wilson for a touchdown to put Michigan up 14-3.

Wilson broke the plane of the end zone for a touchdown, but Burke tore the ball out of his hands. Burke, though, disagreed with the referees’ decision on Tuesday and believes he should have won.

“I’m expecting him to pass the ball to me like if we had a pick in the red zone. It will alter the course of the game. I’m like, “Wow,” then I turn around and see him raise his hands.

Indeed, I most definitely did. I did not hand it to him; the refs did.

“In actuality, he wasn’t in possession of the ball. I have no idea what the referee saw.
It was obvious. He was not in possession of the ball.
“We lost a lot of the calls in that game. We can’t let the past hold us back. It is what it is, really.

Burke may believe that he has been deceived, but the play isn’t as close as he believes. In any case, he and his squad have the Missouri Tigers and the Cotton Bowl to prepare for, so it doesn’t seem prudent to discuss a game that happened a month ago.

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