Michigan football’s Roman Wilson reveals what’s ‘really good’ about Alabama ahead of Rose Bowl

The College Football Playoff is less than one week away, and both semifinal matchups should provide a lot of excitement. The first semifinal game will take place at the Rose Bowl between #1 Michigan football and #4

Football in Alabama. Although the Crimson Tide are rated #4, many believe they are among the top two teams, along with the Wolverines, therefore this is anticipated to be a close game.This one between Alabama and Michigan will be entertaining.

The Michigan Wolverines will face a formidable opponent in Alabama football, as the Tide has struggled offensively in their past four games despite facing strong defenses. Roman Wilson, the top wide receiver for Michigan, is aware that things won’t be simple.


“I think (Alabama’s) corners are really good; they’ve got three of them that they rotate and I like watching all three,” Roman Wilson said, according to an article from Blue By Ninety. “I think they are physical on the line, they

They function rather well, and all in all, I believe they are decent.

Roman Wilson has caught 41 passes for 662 yards and 11 touchdowns this season, which has been a huge year for the Michigan quarterback. Out of all the players on the Michigan squad this season, he has the most receiving yards and touchdowns. If the Wolverines want to continue their season, he will need to have another great game in the Rose Bowl, and he is aware of what his team needs to accomplish to succeed.

Wilson went on, “You just go right at them—no fear.” You present yourself to them. Be not afraid. Remain unflinching.

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