‘He is top draw’: Tim Sherwood refuses to pick £17m Tottenham player over Aston Villa star in tots

Not many players have had a bigger impact or put in better performances than Guglielmo Vicario at Tottenham Hotspur this season.

Unless Tim Sherwood believes you are the best player at Aston Villa, Martinez Emiliano

Nevertheless, Hugo Lloris, a dependable and long-serving goalkeeper who had lost his form and needed to be benched, was the man the Italy international had to replace when he signed with Tottenham in the summer.

Guglielmo Vicario was under pressure because of it, yet he exceeded expectations admirably.

Tim Sherwood declined to include Guglielmo Vicario during the midway point of the Premier League’s Team of the Season debate.

Instead, he chose Emiliano Martinez of Aston Villa because, as he said on Soccer Special on Sky Sports, Martinez has a “real presence,” is a “real leader,” and assumes responsibility on the field.pm).

The Villa shot-stopper has been outstanding for Unai Emery’s side this term, as they sit third in the Premier League table, three points ahead of fourth-placed Tottenham ahead of their clash against Brighton.

Either way, when discussing the Premier League’s Team of the Season at the halfway stage, this is what Tim Sherwood had to say.

Guglielmo Vicario and Emiliano Martinez

Sherwood stated, “If you are sitting there on the touchline as a manager.” “I genuinely believe Vicario has been excellent.

However, Martinez seems to have more experience. victory in the World Cup. He merely exists in reality. an actual boss. All I can say is that he’s a responsible player. If you ask him to play outside and he feels that it is improper for him to do so. He is not acting on the manager’s advice.

He is making independent judgments on the field, which I find quite refreshing. That is absolutely great. He seems to kick things when they’re needed. He delivers a severe lecture to his defense. Additionally, he simply sets an example for me. I believe

Tottenham and Aston Villa have goalkeepers for the long-term

Whichever one you believe is superior, there is no denying that they are both artisans of the highest caliber.

Vicario is demonstrating that in the early going of his Spurs career, as the £17 million player keeps making saves that win games following saves.

Next up comes Martinez, the World Cup victor who resembles marmite. a major factor in Villa’s decision to come back to Europe and their current near-top standing in the league.

Yes, he has a persona that can enrage a lot of people. Ultimately, though, he is a player you would want in your starting lineup every single day of the week.

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