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Pundit reacts to Tottenham takeover question after American billionaire update

We are excited to have Paul Robinson, a former England goalkeeper, join us as an exclusive writer. Paul will provide his thoughts on the main topics of discussion at The Tottenham Hotspur Stadium every week.

After Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones landed his mega-yacht and private plane in London, Paul Robinson said it is “hard to predict” if Tottenham is about to take over.

When The Standard asked the billionaire on December 19 if he intended to purchase the team, neither side would comment on the situation.

Robinson acknowledged that the NFL connection at Tottenham also makes sense, with the team’s current success on the field taking center stage.

“It’s difficult to forecast,” he said to Tottenham News exclusively.

“You can’t help but connect the dots when you witness individuals of that caliber and stature entering the Premier League from America as investors from another sport.

There is that link there, but there is also that NFL link, the partnerships that Tottenham look for with the stadium, we’ve seen the NFL games they’ve got there, and we’ve heard talks of a training ground and the NFL moving to London on a semi-temporary basis, so is that a deal that is being talked about?


The ownership of Tottenham and the disgruntled fans have kind of disappeared since the team’s performance on the field has gone well and Ange’s results have taken precedence over what is happening off the field. American interest in the Premier League is high, and any investment, knowledge, or guidance on how to develop and grow a business with a vast amount of vast experience is welcome.

In other Tottenham news, we have unique knowledge that this well-known Spurs player intends to return in the summer transfer window to rejoin his previous team.


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