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‘Trash-talking’ – Callum Wilson admits what really happened between him and Vicario

Callum Wilson has now spoken again about his spat with Guglielmo Vicario, revealing that the Tottenham man made faces and said things that set him off.

Earlier this month, during Spurs’ 4-1 victory against Newcastle at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, there was some late drama involving Wilson and Victorio.

The Magpies striker and the Tottenham goalie were spotted arguing on the field, and their disagreement persisted after the final whistle.

Vicario quickly responded to Wilson’s accusations of disrespect in his post-match interview (Sky Sports), saying on social media that “respect is given to everyone that respects me,” possibly implying that the 31-year-old was the one who started it (Evening Standard).

Wilson shares what happened in Vicario argument

Wilson and West Ham’s Michail Antonio co-host the Footballer’s Football podcast, where Wilson discusses what transpired at N17.

The Newcastle player attributed it to the two losing their composure in tense situations, saying Vicario had no justification for pulling faces when his team was winning handily.

Wilson said, “Listen, let’s just get this over with; you know what it’s like in a pinch.” At 4-1 down at the conclusion of the game, I was restraining the goalie from playing as fast and trash-talking as you do.

“I have a header and he starts pulling faces and I said ‘what are you doing that for? You’re 4-1 up relax. Show some respect. Chill’. Then he just started talking rubbish, I just switched, and I wasn’t having this, he set me off. Then you put me in front of a camera and I got annoyed.”

There was no reason for Wilson to talk about this incident again but I guess that is what you do when you have a weekly podcast. There was not much in the incident and parts of the media have blown it out of proportion.

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