Cowboys’ Jayron Kearse Bullied on Social Media following Brutal Week 15 Loss

The Dallas Cowboys are certainly the most controversial team in the NFL.  It has almost turned into a game over the past several years that there are people who love them and then there are people who absolutely despise them.  Unfortunately for Dallas, fans have a difficult time accepting that the players are just people and have a tendency to take things just a little too far.

Cowboys’ Jayron Kearse hacked by Angry Fans after Tough Loss

This brings us to this week’s events that followed Dallas’ heartbreaking defeat at the hands of the Buffalo Bills. Disgruntled fans broke into Dallas safety Jayron Kearse and Juananyeh Thomas’ social media accounts after the game. Following the attack, followers posted private information online, including Kearse’s home location and Thomas’ phone number.

The rage from fans came after the Buffalo running game completely shredded the Dallas defense in the game.  Kearse then went on social media and complained about the officiating in the game.  Apparently, a decent segment of the fanbase thought that the problem was more the effort by Kearse and not the officiating.

Thomas intervened on behalf of Kearse following the hack when followers quickly broke into both accounts and posted the private data online. It makes sense that Thomas was quite offended by the invasion of his and his teammate’s privacy.

Thomas acknowledged that he missed three tackles against the Bills that may have had a significant influence on the outcome, but he noted, “I can take criticism.” However, there is a genuine boundary that you cross when you begin acting foolishly in that way. You have to draw a boundary when it comes to disclosing personal information like phone numbers and addresses. It’s still a game at the end of the day. Individuals have lives.

It’s a brutal world that we live in where fans can’t accept the fact that while these are professional athletes and

receive huge compensation for participating in the game, and they are individuals who shouldn’t be subjected to harsher criticism than what ordinary people like you and I encounter on a daily basis. Although Dallas supporters are known for being exaggerated, this was going too far.

Following the Philadelphia Eagles’ embarrassing defeat to the Seattle Seahawks on Monday Night Football, Dallas is still the NFC’s #2 seed and the current leader in the NFC East. If Dallas plays well during their next three games of the season, they will effectively remain in the driver’s seat in the NFC for the duration of the season, regardless of the hatred directed at them by the fans.

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