Jim Harbaugh makes final stands amidst Chargers interest

For Michigan football, the signing day was somewhat dull. The Michigan Wolverines signed a four-star edge, but it wasn’t a surprise; there were no shocks.

Even still, a quiet signing day has its advantages. Jadyn Davis, a four-star quarterback, and Jordan Marshall, a running back ranked in the top 100, both signed on the pledge. In the future, that may be the Michigan football team’s backfield.

Along with dominating on the offensive line and at the edge, the Wolverines also acquired top-100 tackle Andrew Sprague and other blue-chippers up front.

Nonetheless, a couple of issues clouded Michigan Wolverines signing day, and we’ll address each of those in our news roundup.

Chargers reportedly interested in Jim Harbaugh

According to a report from Jordan Schultz of the Bleacher Report, the Chargers are going to make a run at Michigan football head coach Jim Harbaugh.

It is acknowledged in the report that Jim Harbaugh’s level of involvement is unclear. It is my belief that Harbaugh would take the appropriate NFL position at the appropriate time. But I don’t see Los Angeles being that. Even if there is a franchise quarterback, I’m not sure who owns that team. For my part, the Chargers are not nearly as concerning as the Las Vegas Raiders are.

However, Harbaugh is eccentric enough that he might be able to gain the kind of control he desires from a business owner such as Dean Spanos. Although Harbaugh is unpredictable, I don’t believe he will join the Los Angeles Chargers from the University of Michigan.

NCAA gives Michigan football notice of allegations

It’s obvious that the NCAA has a goal in mind with Jim Harbaugh. The NCAA chose to issue its notice of allegations on signing day even though it had sent a draft of the charges back on January 5th, and it had leaked information about the Michigan Wolverines probe prior to Big Ten Media Days.

This is how this organization functions. Publicly commenting on the investigation is against its own policies. Additionally, on a day when Michigan football signed a number of new players, attention was diverted from the investigation into level-2 violations and the cheeseburger incident to the NCAA, all the while ignoring the widespread pay-for-play and tampering that is being described as NIL.

Jim Harbaugh has already completed a three-game suspension due to the incident, and Michigan should file a lawsuit with the NCAA if they wish to impose more sanctions. Despite the fact that Harbaugh has refuted the allegations of dishonesty and deceit made by the NCAA, a Level 1 violation remains. If I were U-M, I would demand that the NCAA recognize the three games that Jim has already served, or I would urge the lawyers to take legal action.

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