Angry Dallas Cowboys fans leak the address and phone number of two players in furious response to the team’s blowout loss to the Bills

Two Dallas Cowboys players had their address and phone number leaked by angry fans in response to last week’s heavy loss to the Buffalo Bills.

Josh Allen and the Bills handily defeated the Cowboys 31-10, crushing their dreams of securing the NFC’s top seed.

However, two supporters posted private information about two players on social media, taking their rage at the performance to a new level.

Before another fan revealed the phone number of Juanyeh Thomas, another safety for the Cowboys, one fan revealed the home address of safety Jayron Kearse on X.

Both of the messages were swiftly removed, and Thomas—who had responded to the fan in an angry manner—finally took down his own.

I can take criticism,’ said Thomas in an interview with the Dallas Morning News.

‘But you do cross a line when you start doing dumb stuff like that, for real.

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