‘It’s Sick!’ Micah Parsons Blasts ‘Fake Analysts’ For Criticism of Dak & Cowboys

‘It’s Sick!’ Dallas’ Micah Parsons Blasts ‘Fake Analysts’ For Criticism of Dak Prescott’s Cowboys

In the NFL, a story can change in the blink of an eye, and the Dallas Cowboys are the most recent illustration of this.

Many hailed the Cowboys as a Super Bowl candidate before Sunday’s game against the Buffalo Bills, saying this year’s squad was different after winning five straight and crushing their bitter rivals, the Philadelphia Eagles. The narrative then changed to Dallas being soft and incapable of winning on the road when the team lost to the Bills, even though it was a blowout, among other harsh critiques.

Micah Parsons, an All-Pro linebacker for the Cowboys, has undoubtedly noticed the abrupt change, and he’s not exactly happy about it.

“It’s nearly sick,” Micah remarked.

“Everyone simply watches to see how the Cowboys fare. On his podcast “The Edge with Micah Parsons,” Parsons stated, “I saw multiple analysts, people who are fake analysts who somehow got jobs on TV, saying ‘There goes your boy.”

The notion that past players are waiting for current players to falter so they have something to speak about has gotten to the point where it’s nearly unhealthy.

“It goes beyond simply learning names. You seem to know who you are by now, in my opinion.”

Yes, we do. The greatest culprit in this situation is Shady McCoy of FS1, who says nothing at all about Dak Prescott while Dallas is winning and then comes out of the woodwork again after a

Cowboys Micah ‘Trashed’ by Skip Bayless in Corny Video

Watching FS1’s Skip Bayless perform cheesy little skits in his kitchen about him tossing Cowboys jerseys into his trash can following losses is what other analysts who never played do.

Indeed, others in DFW are also culpable, having concocted the bizarre theory that “Interceptions are in Dak’s DNA” and then impatiently for a changeover to happen in order to tweet, “I told you so.”

Not only are the Cowboys the most well-liked team in the NFL, but they also truly are a “love them or hate them” group. As a result, whenever they lose, especially the way they did on Sunday, there are always plenty of supporters and media analysts ready to jump on them.

McCarthy’s Cowboys ‘Conscious’ Of Road Struggles – But So What?

“I’m a fan of the game, right? Whether I’m playing [Bills quarterback] Josh Allen or whoever, at the end of the day,

Josh Allen shouldn’t be wounded, in my opinion,” Parsons remarked. “I wish him well and not to fail. I want him to pursue his career nonstop. I’m obviously aiming to defeat him while we’re playing and lining up, isn’t that right? However, it appears that many people are only waiting for others to make a mistake.”

With a crucial game against the Miami Dolphins on Sunday, Dallas has an opportunity to regain some of the public’s trust, but it will need to find a way to move its home game away.

Should it happen this Christmas Eve? The reviewers are going to sing “Silent Night.” Should it not? They will seep back out of the woodwork.

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