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’That’s madness’: Micah Richards reacts to what he’s just been told about £25m Tottenham star

Micah Richards has lauded the qualities of Dejan Kulusevski as he shone during Tottenham Hotspur’s 2-0 win over Nottingham Forest on Friday night.

The 23-year-old provided a stunning assist to allow Richarlison to open the scoring, before killing the game off in the second half when Nottingham Forest were sensing a goal

According to Micah Richards, who spoke with The Rest is Football Podcast, when he learned that Tottenham’s “workaholic” on the right has covered the greatest ground in the Premier League this year, he called it “madness.”

Ange Postecoglou is using Dejan Kulusevski not only as a number 10 but also out on the flanks.

Spurs are lacking that cunning and deft touch in the middle of the pitch with James Maddison out of the picture.

Dejan Kulusebski, however, has performed admirably in the games in which he has been used in that capacity; Micah Richards has noted that he is a “joy to watch.”

Dejan Kulusevski’s workrate for Tottenahm

“Kulusevski is back to his best as well,” said Richards. “On Friday night, he was excellent. He works so hard. Got such a good left foot.

“I like the positions he picks up as well, even if he plays in the middle as the number ten, with Johnson playing on

the correct. He recently has the ability to do anything he pleases. It appears like he is enjoying it. A very amazing player.

Regarding Deji’s pursuit of the most runs in the Premier League this year: “That’s insane.” He has an obsession with work. He presses with rapidity. Although there are guys who only run up and down, he also puts in sprints. The amount of sprinting he undertakes in addition to his long running.

“He runs with an absurd level of passion, and it really benefits his team. The fullbacks may participate because of it; he is entertaining to watch.

Dejan Kulusevski an underrated player

It should be mentioned that Kulusevski was a struggling player when he originally came to Spurs in 2022 on a loan from Juventus.

The winger’s time in Serie A wasn’t going well, but under Antonio Conte, he immediately won over Premier League fans.

Sure, there was a hiccup during the £25 million signing, but he is currently performing at his peak and is one of his team’s finest players.

A lot of attention is focused on celebrities like Micky van de Ven, James Maddison, and Son Heung-min.

However, Tottenham’s underappreciated right-wing Swede deserves more credit for his excellent play.

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