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“As a Spurs man…” – Pundit not happy after Gary Neville’s recent comments about Ange Postecoglou

Since taking over in the summer, Ange has been a welcome change of pace for Tottenham.

He has quickly brought Spurs back to life, making them an entertaining squad that plays some of the best football in the league.

Every player has given him consistently strong performances, and his contagious charm has improved both the club’s overall vibe and the players’ form.

Under Postecoglou’s direction, Spurs won eight games and drew two during their explosive 10-game winning streak to start the season.

But a five-game losing skid followed, briefly derailing their progress due to an injury problem.

However, they have bounced back after their defeats by Nottingham Forest and Newcastle, winning two straight games.

His remarkable influence has drawn interest from other teams; one team in particular is being considered as a possible future employer for the former Celtic manager.

The rumors that Postecoglou will take over Manchester City following Pep Guardiola’s eventual exit from the Etihad are intensifying, and Gary Neville’s comments this week have added gasoline to the fire.

Spurs supporters are upset that their manager has already been linked to another team, and commentator Michael Bridges has already voiced his displeasure at the reports.

He mentioned this when appearing on the Optus Sport Football Podcast:

“As a Spurs supporter, I’m devastated, but I mentioned three weeks ago that Ange Postecoglou would have been attracting the attention of the City group. Now that Gary Neville has released those quotes and it’s gaining traction, anyone getting Ange linked with Man City would be tremendously delighted.”

“Gary Neville says it’s gaining a lot of traction in the UK, and Ange would be happy about it, but he likes to see his projects through to completion, and Spurs is his project.”

TBH Says:

That Ange and Manchester City are already being discussed in the same discourse is not surprising.

His style of play is in line with what City wants to do, and he has shown himself to be an excellent manager.

It won’t come as a shock if other elite teams show interest in signing him as well.

Having said that, Ange is renowned for his project work, and he has recently taken on Spurs.

With his stellar start and solid fan base already formed, it is highly improbable that he will leave the club in the middle.

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