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Why Tottenham may need to support Arsenal in the Champions League after last-16 draw

What does it mean for Spurs and Arsenal in the much-changed UEFA Champions League next season? The Premier League may get an extra slot.

However, the Lilywhites may now be inclined to support their North London rivals in an effort to increase their prospects of competing in the competition next season, as the UEFA Champions League is changing its format in a move referred to as a “freshening up” of Europe’s premier tournament.

The Premier League may earn an extra slot in the 2024–25 competition in an easily explained move that depends on how English clubs performed in comparison to other countries this season. Fifth place in the Premier League may receive an additional spot if Arsenal and Manchester City go to the later stages of the knockout rounds.

Although they have played well so far this season and are presently fifth in the league, Ange Postecoglou’s team will have to fight hard to make it back to Europe. The Gunners’ hopes of qualifying for the newly revamped UEFA Champions League next season may now depend on how they play, with Manchester United and Newcastle United breathing down their necks.

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