Report: Mike McCarthy drops truth on what caused Dallas Cowboys’ Week 15 loss. ‘Absolutely Shocking reasons’

When the Dallas Cowboys played the Buffalo Bills in Week 15, a lot of things went wrong for them. Head coach Mike McCarthy acknowledges that their run defense was the primary cause of the defeat, though.

The Buffalo team dominated the rushing assault as the Cowboys lost 31–10 against the Bills. Look at Josh Allen’s stats to get a better idea of how much the home team succeeded on the ground. Even though the 27-year-old quarterback only gained 94 yards through the air, they managed to defeat America’s Team.

James Cook, a second-year running back, set the tone for the Bills’ rushing offense with 25 touches for 179 yards and one touchdown. Dallas only managed 89 yards on the ground, meaning that he accumulated more yards than the entire Cowboys rushing output combined.

The Cowboys gave an absolutely terrible performance. They paid the appropriate price for not challenging the Bills in any way.

McCarthy was clearly unhappy with his team’s performance, especially with their run defense. Undoubtedly, Dak Prescott’s play calling didn’t help much either, as the signal-caller gave up one interception and failed to throw for a touchdown. Still, if they could have slowed down the Bills, it wouldn’t have been a landslide.

They frequently got on our nerves. Throughout the week, Dan Quinn, the defensive coordinator, and the guys were really impressed with Cooks. Their performance was superior to ours. They won the bend-back fight, they broke tackles, and they shattered our contain. According to Jon Machota of The Athletic, Mike McCarthy stated of the Dallas Cowboys, “Just all the little things that we’ve been good at.”

“We have to improve without a doubt. They were running the ball far too efficiently. It was not completed by any of the three phases, beginning with myself. For the sake of our defense, we had to score points. Today we needed assistance with our defense. We also declined to give it to them.

Mike McCarthy Also Critical of Dallas Cowboys’ Road  Problems

In fairness, though, Mike McCarthy did not overlook the fact that the Dallas Cowboys have significant difficulties when traveling.

The club has a 7-0 home record and is still unbeaten, but their away record is 3-4.Their head coach, Micah Parsons, and Dak Prescott are all fully aware of their issues.

McCarthy acknowledged that they had to identify the root of their problems and take immediate action to fix them. Such a tendency, after all, is not encouraging for their hopes of making the playoffs.

“We didn’t play very good. We simply have too much of a gap in our away games compared to how well we perform at home. .. Regardless of what is in front of us or the topics of other conversations, we have to be much better when driving. McCarthy continued, “The difference between home and away is just too great.

If the Cowboys want to address their road problems, maybe they should begin with their run defense. As Machota noted, they have only suffered two other embarrassing losses this season—against the Arizona Cardinals and the San Francisco 49ers—while playing on the road and surrendering a lot of rushing yards.

Perhaps that will address their issue.

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