Giants Wide Receiver ‘Shocked’ & ‘Hurt’ by Brian Daboll Decision

Brian Daboll has the New York Giants on a three-game winning streak, but he can’t please everybody. The head coach made a decision that left wide receiver Parris Campbell “shocked” and “hurt” ahead of the 24-22 win over the Green Bay Packers in Week 14.

For the first time in his career, the 26-year-old Campbell was not in action against the Packers. The wide receiver “definitely was shocked,” he said to Pat Leonard of the New York Daily News. Really, I was more upset than anything else—hurt because I knew what I was putting into it every single week. And it was undoubtedly upsetting and painful for me to remain idle for the first time in my career. Indeed, a wide range of emotions are present.

Parris Campbell, a wide receiver for the Giants, tells me he was “shocked” and “hurt” by his first career healthy scratch on Monday, which he “really didn’t understand.”

The Giants’ brass informed Campbell of the bad news on Sunday, more than 24 hours before the game, and he was “grateful” that they didn’t…

— Pat Leonard, December 14, 2023 (@PLeonardNYDN)

Although the Giants gave Campbell a 24-hour notice of his reduced status, which he appreciated, Campbell said that “that doesn’t take any hurt away or any pain or frustration away from it.”

According to Josh Alper of Pro Football Talk, Daboll gave an explanation of his choice “at a Tuesday press conference that Campbell’s scratch ‘was really more’ about a need to have more numbers on defense than his injury.”

The fact that Campbell was sacrificed in favor of defensive resources is simply another indication that the former pass-catcher for the Indianapolis Colts won’t be with the Giants for much longer than this season.

Parris Campbell’s Time With the Giants Hasn’t Worked Out

The Giants offered Campbell a one-year contract worth $4.7 million, which made him appear like a good deal for a free agent. As a dual-threat runner and receiver, he was anticipated to perform well out of the slot.

That hasn’t been the case; as early as October, Campbell was mentioned as a possible trade option. It was understandable that the Big Blue fans had mixed feelings about Campbell’s debut considering that he had only caught 16 passes for 85 yards in his first five games.

Gunner Olszewski fair caught both of his kick returns on Monday, according to Giants special teams coach Thomas McGaughey, who stated today that it was a “depth issue, making sure that (we) keep our primary punt returner and not taking a chance at him taking a shot.” Parris Campbell’s, thenThis link:

— Pat Leonard, December 14, 2023 (@PLeonardNYDN)

While being unable to assist on special teams is one thing, Campbell’s absence hurt him more personally because another receiver is taking up his position on the offense.

WanDale Robinson’s Becoming the Roving Playmaker Brian Daboll Needs

The Giants had hoped that Wan’Dale Robinson would establish himself in the adaptable role that Campbell was effectively assuming. Robinson, a second-year pro, scorched the Packers with six catches for 79 yards.

Robinson had an effect on the running game as well. notably, as noted by Nick Falato of SB Nation’s Big Blue View, by taking this carry for 32 yards.

Saquon Barkley’s touchdown was set up by a splitback boundary handoff to Wan’Dale Robinson, which was completed for 32 yards.

Nick Falato, on December 12, 2023 (@nickfalato),

Campbell was signed to produce a play like this one. Although he was also added with the intention of using the slot, Robinson’s 290 inside snaps already outweigh Campbell’s 147.

Daboll’s offense needed a roaming playmaker, and the Giants had one on the roster when they signed Campbell. Thankfully, the Giants only had to pay a little price for the deal, so Daboll and general manager Joe Schoen can feel more at ease about replacing Campbell as soon as possible in light of Robinson’s rise.

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