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“Impossible to identify” Tottenham has a player who is “built like a boxer,” according to Tim Sherwood.

 Tim Sherwood was amazed by Tottenham Hotspur star Dejan Kulusevski’s performance against Nottingham Forest last night.

Although the North Londoners were the clear favorites to win, visiting the City Ground at night is never simple. Nonetheless, Kulusevski put up an incredible display and gave Tottenham the victory.

Tim Sherwood says Tottenham’s Dejan Kulusevski is built like a boxer

Right now, Dejan Kulusevski is enjoying his best season wearing a Tottenham shirt.

Although the Swede has always been an outstanding football player, it appears that after the arrival of Ange Postecoglou in the summer, he has reached whole new heights in his game.

Last night, Kulusevski was nothing short of extraordinary. He was a threat from the opening minutes of the match, and his switch to the right wing only made him more so.

After assisting Rickard Lison in Tottenham’s first goal, the 23-year-old capitalized on a mistake made by Matt Turner to score a well-played goal for himself in the second half.

Although Kulusevski is highly praised for his skill on the ball, his power is one of his most overlooked qualities. Tim Sherwood thinks that the reason he is so difficult to get off the ball is that he is “built like a boxer.”

He stated on Premier League Productions, “This boy has it all.” He has, in fact. He is incredibly talented.

It seems like his favorite position is this one (right-wing). He can enter through the outside or, as in the case of the goal, from the inside. You have no idea where he might go.

“He is just impossible to mark. When you stand next to this kid, he’s 6ft 3. He is built like a boxer. You wouldn’t want to get close to him, he’ll just push you away.

“I love this kid. I think he is top-drawer!”

Kulusevski can get even better for Tottenham

Because of his stats, Dejan Kulusevski’s performances were overlooked at the beginning of the season.

Only two goals were scored by the Swede in his first ten Premier League matches this season. In his last seven games, he has scored three goals and provided two assists, which is significantly better.

Kulusevski appears to be a self-assured man. He is becoming better every game thanks to Ange Postecoglou’s system, which is truly bringing out the best in him. Sherwood even claimed to be the Premier League’s most underappreciated player.

The fact that Kulusevski is still only 23 years old is wonderful news for the Spurs. In the upcoming years, he will only get better, which will make Tottenham an even more formidable opponent than they are now.

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