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Every word Ange Postecoglou said on Bissouma red card, Brennan Johnson injury and Chris Davies

Here’s every single word the Tottenham Hotspur boss said after the 2-0 victory at Nottingham Forest in the Premier League on Friday night

What are your thoughts on the result and performance?

I was rather happy with the victory tonight as well as both. It’s a difficult position to be evident, and they are eager for a resolution.There are several balls in the box, including throws and free kicks, and you have to deal with that. This is just one of the many ways they test you. I think we handled it quite effectively, for the most part. We nonetheless produced some nice opportunities, scored some goals, and played respectable football. We also shown fortitude and resiliency, and we felt like we handled things really effectively.

What did you make of Yves Bissouma’s red card?

Ah, no. I think they slowed it down and they saw what they saw and we have to cop it.

If you slow incidents down do they seem worse?

That’s three suspensions now for Bissouma – is that an issue with discipline?

Well, it’s an issue but it’s not so much discipline. Tonight – like I say I haven’t seen a slowed down version – but it’s just a desperate lunge more than anything malicious. The guys are having to adapt to learn to play our football without crossing a line but I loved the commitment they showed. Unfortunately we paid a price because it’s not just this game, he obviously misses a big chunk of football but it is what it is.

Richarlison seems to be a happy striker again?

Richy has behaved well, and tonight was no exception. We weren’t going to have a lot of room back there, so it was not an easy game. The box contains his impact. Deki had a wonderful ball, and Richy excels at that kind of thing. For us to win tonight, his air timing and ability to put the ball in the back of the goal in those kinds of circumstances were crucial.

He just seems to love the moment and plays up to that?

Yes, and I believe that both psychologically and physically, he is in a better place. He struggled over the week, as I mentioned, but he persisted. Simultaneously, he is aware that others would presume that if he is present, you have to perform to a particular standard and you cannot offer justifications.

His confidence has grown both physically and intellectually. While scoring goals is obviously vital for a striker, his play has been excellent overall for us over the past few weeks.

Is Brennan Johnson ok?

He should be ok. He’s just got a nasty cut to his head. Nothing that should keep him out.

No signs of concussion?

No concussion, just a cut on his head.

What a performance from Dejan Kulusevski tonight?

Yeah, he was great. He’s been great all year to be fair. We’ve played him in a number of positions. We started him

off in the center, and I thought he was really good and a danger to them. I thought we looked really well throughout that initial stage, and we created a couple really good chances.

Then, as Brennan takes off, we have to set him wide. Because we are aware of his potential, we have been working hard to make him a more formidable threat. In our opinion, he still has to narrow a gap in that specific aspect of his game. He is now placing himself in positions where he can score goals after assimilating it. In the last few games, he has shown an amazing work ethic, and he has the abilities to back it up.

Is there any interest on Chris Davies and Swansea?

No, not as far as I know. I’m sure if it progresses or there’s any resolution we’ll find out in the next few days.

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