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Richarlison warned to avoid repeat of Nottingham Forest incident as his Tottenham boss takes a stand

Latest Nottingham Forest news as Ange Postecoglou warns Spurs striker about showboating after incident involving Brennan Johnson at City Ground last season

Richarlison still has potential, according to Ange Postecoglou, but even he won’t support any showboating from the Tottenham striker when they play Nottingham Forest on Friday (8 p.m. kickoff).

When Richarlison juggled the ball at a corner flag at the City Ground toward the conclusion of Spurs’ 2-0 victory last season, he faced criticism.His antics incited Brennan Johnson, the Brazilian’s current teammate, to

slamming into him and causing the home crowd to cheer loudly.

Richarlison’s two goals against Newcastle on Sunday delighted Spurs manager Antal Postecoglou, but he does not anticipate or desire to see more keepy-uppies from the £60 million forward on Friday.

“I think someone would give you a smack even if you did what Richy did when he was younger. That’s just how football is, according to Postecoglou. Everything is well. Though we don’t want to take away from the enjoyment of the game entirely, each participant is aware that there is a boundary and that if you cross it, someone will swiftly put you back in line.It’s what Brennan did with Richy.

“Hopefully, Richarlison will continue to do well; that’s the platform we’ve given him. When a large sum of money is committed, there is always a surge in expectations. He had made a tremendous impression in the Premier League with Everton before coming here. Goals and other similar metrics are typically the only criteria used to evaluate a striker, although that is now up to him.

He proved last week that, with or without the ball, he is a serious danger at this level. He will have plenty of opportunities here, and it is up to him to seize them in order to further his football career to the degree we think he is capable of.

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