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“He’s crazy” – Postecoglou slammed at a reporter after been asked a hilarious and crazy question

Ange Postecoglou snapped at reporter after being asked if he watched this week’s Champions League matches

During his pre-game news conference, Ange Postecoglou teasingly snapped at a reporter when she asked a question regarding the Champions League.

Following a brutal 2-1 loss to West Ham United last week, Tottenham is now in fifth place in the standings.

After an incredible run in the league during which Postecoglou won three consecutive Manager of the Month honors, it was their fourth league loss of the season.

When the North London team visits Nottingham Forest on Friday, they will aim to resume their winning ways.

After a round of Champions League matches in which Manchester United and Newcastle United were eliminated from the competition, Spurs will play Forest.

Ange Postecoglou snapped at reporter after being asked if he watched this week's Champions League matches

That being said, Arsenal and Manchester City advanced to the next stage of the competition by winning their respective groups.

When asked if he had seen this week’s celebrations across Europe, Postecoglou had a pointed response.

“What do you reckon, mate?!” “Do you reckon I would have just…’let’s see what’s on the tele tonight… Champions League… yeah I might have a look at it,” he smirked and continued.

He said: “I do follow the football a fair bit.”

Due to their eighth-place result from the previous season, Spurs were not eligible for a spot in the Champions League this time around.

Currently occupying fifth place, Postecoglou’s club has a chance to qualify for the Champions League.

They are three points behind fourth-place Manchester City with thirty points already earned.

Tottenham 3-1 Nottm Forest LIVE! Big Spurs win - Premier League result,  match stream and latest updates today | Evening Standard

Without a number of important players, the Australian coach gets his team ready for Forest.

He went on to say, “It’s still a challenge, not just in games, but in training as well,” regarding dealing with the injuries. Compared to the beginning of the season, things have changed a little.

“Having Pape [Matar Sarr] and Richarlison back last week helped to rejuvenate the team. We will most likely stay there for the foreseeable future, I suppose.”

Man Utd and Newcastle likely to cost Premier League a Champions League spot under new UEFA rules

The Premier League’s loss of a Champions League spot for the next season is probably due to Manchester United and Newcastle United’s Champions League eliminations.

The 2024–2025 campaign will see a significant transformation in Europe’s elite competition.

Instead of 32 teams being split into eight groups of four, 36 clubs will compete in the Champions League starting with the 2020–21 season and will be grouped together in one large league table.

Each side will participate in eight games, four of which will be at home and four away, all against distinct opponents. Following this phase, the top eight teams advance directly to the round of sixteen, while the teams ranked ninth through twenty-four in the table advance to the play-off round.

The unsuccessful concept of a European Super League prompted FIFA to introduce a new framework known as “the Swiss model.”

Changes include giving one extra spot for the 2024–25 season to the two leagues in Europe that perform the best this season.

Man Utd and Newcastle likely to cost Premier League a Champions League spot under new UEFA rules

For the 2023–24 season, this is decided by the UEFA coefficient ranking of each association.

This would entail moving up to the fifth slot in the Champions League for the Premier League.

If the English top division had been ranked higher in the nation the previous season, it would have earned this additional slot in seven of the previous eleven seasons.

However, Manchester United and Newcastle will undoubtedly miss out on the competition next year due to their early group stage exits.

The Red Devils lost 1-0 against Bayern Munich on Tuesday, which meant they were eliminated from Group A and would not be eligible for the Europa League.

At St. James’ Park on Wednesday night, the Magpies met the same fate as they fell 2-1 to AC Milan and were relegated to the bottom of their group.

Therefore, in the coefficient rankings for the 2023–24 campaign, England is now positioned third with an average rating of 12.13, behind Germany (13.36.500) and Italy (13.14).

By adding up all of the points that clubs receive for winning games in European club competitions and dividing that total by the total number of clubs from that association that competed in the Champions League, Europa League, and Conference League, the coefficient of that association can be established.

Manchester City and Arsenal, who each won their individual Champions League groups, are maintaining the Premier League’s hopes of a fifth Champions League spot.

But Germany and Italy, who are also well-represented in Europe’s second and third tier championships, have each seen three teams advance to the competition’s knockout stages.

Ange Postecoglou took offence when asked if Spurs fans should ‘temper expectations’, he fully gets it

Ange Postecoglou took offence when asked if Spurs fans should 'temper expectations', he fully gets it

Regarding the question of whether Tottenham Hotspur supporters should lower their expectations, Ange Postecoglou responded quite brilliantly.

Going into the 23–24 season, many Spurs supporters were anticipating the worst after losing team captain Harry Kane to Bayern Munich during the summer transfer window.

Nonetheless, Spurs are presently ranked second in the Premier League standings under Postecoglou, having won 13 of their preliminary five games.

A lot of Spurs supporters are beginning to get fired up about the Postecoglou era following their thrilling 2-1 victory over Sheffield United on Saturday.

Inquiries on whether Spurs supporters should lower their expectations were directed at Postecoglou during his press conference following the game.

The Australian’s reply will undoubtedly be positively received by Spurs supporters.

“No, no, no, let them go, let them go and enjoy it,” he exclaimed. I’m not here to pop people’s bubbles.

“Allow them to become ecstatic and to get ahead of themselves.” That’s what makes being an advocate so wonderful. You should let them enjoy it since they endure enough suffering, mate.

Postecoglou said on, “It’s our responsibility to live up to their expectations if they believe we can beat the entire world.”

“We should all be happy, and our supporters should be free to enjoy themselves however they choose.”

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“There was a fair bit going on today!” Postecoglou remarked in reference to the game versus Sheffield. It’s excellent. You want to see how our squad is growing in all areas, and today was just as much about character development as it was about football. Seeing how the players responded was fantastic. It was a challenging game.

“There just didn’t seem to be a fantastic flow—there was a lot of stoppages and idle time. Generally speaking, we managed it fairly well.

“I really liked the way the boys went about it,” he said. Despite all the mayhem going on, we maintained our composure and played the game quite effectively.

Ange Postecoglou visibly cringes as Sky Sports reporter plays ‘Happy Days’ theme tune in Tottenham press conference

During Tottenham’s pre-match press conference, Ange Postecoglou showed obvious discomfort when Gary Cotterill began playing the “Happy Days” theme song.

After their contentious victory over Liverpool thanks to VAR, Spurs will resume their Premier League campaign on Saturday.

After Manchester City’s match against Arsenal on Sunday, they have the opportunity to move up to the top of the standings by traveling to Luton.

Postecoglou was questioned by Sky Sports reporter Cotterill during his news conference on Friday about his team’s chances of winning the league.

He wasn’t content with just asking the question, though; in addition, he played the theme song from “Happy Days,” which greatly infuriated the Australian gaffer.

Stunned by Cotterill’s ruse, he scratched his face in shock and shook his head in denial. Take a look at it below:

The VAR incident from last weekend was another question posed to the Spurs manager.

Ange Postecoglou visibly cringes as Sky Sports reporter plays 'Happy Days' theme tune in Tottenham press conference

Postecoglou was questioned whether he would have allowed Liverpool to score if the authorities had given him the opportunity, to which Jurgen Klopp requested a rematch of the league match. He answered, “I just don’t see that.”

Although managers at our football clubs have heavy obligations, we are not the custodians, so if we want them to be the judges of this sort of stuff, then so be it.

“I wouldn’t make a decision that could potentially send a club down on the back of what my beliefs are.”

The 58-year-old continued, saying, “I had to make a decision, and it wasn’t going to happen if somebody could tell me at that precise moment that they could explain everything that happened in the span of 30 seconds.

If something is obvious, then it’s different. Although there was a communication breakdown that resulted in a severe error, it was not anything that could be readily explained. I suppose there would have been more commotion than there was if it had been easily explained.”

Ange Postecoglou was asked if FPL players should select James Maddison in latest press conference

Ange Postecoglou was asked if FPL players should select James Maddison in latest press conference

After being asked by a reporter if he should start James Maddison in his Fantasy Premier League team, Spurs manager Ange Postecoglou was not in the mood to talk about the game.

For the first time in two decades, the immensely likeable Postecoglou is taking a vacation from the Fantasy Premier League.

Indeed, it is correct. Though he acknowledged that he was truly “gutted” about it, the 58-year-old decided it was time to tie up his FPL boots after leaving Celtic this summer to become the first Australian manager in Premier League history.

He continued in a press conference, “I am a Premier League manager, so I don’t need to play right now.” “There you go, it’s not a fantasy anymore!”

The Spurs manager is finding it difficult to avoid the well-liked game, even though he was not able to achieve the greatest Premier League moniker in recent memory—”Haven’t got a Postecoglou.”

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One of the reporters questioned Postecoglou, “As someone who had a fantasy football team last season, should I put James Maddison in mine tomorrow?” before their Premier League matchup versus Liverpool.

After a little silence, the 58-year-old answered, “You can do everything you want, Mate. I’m not interested in it at all.

His response on the reporter’s decision to include Maddison in his squad seemed to make some in the media chuckle, as you can see in the video below.

We do know, though, that James Maddison—who cost an estimated £40 million to sign—is highly regarded by Postecoglou. Maddison had previously played for Leicester City.

Upon receiving him, I was the happiest person alive. Following the England international’s first goal for the team in August, he commented, “I was thrilled.”

“I am ecstatic with the football player I have, but I wouldn’t say I am surprised. his current state of life and the way he has embraced the entire club. He aspires to be that individual.

For us, he is that creative force. Working hard, he presses and wins the ball back. Furthermore, I believe that more will happen as he and our forward players become closer in understanding of one another.

“We are attempting to provide as much ball as we can to him and the other creative players so they can engage in their favorite activities. I believe that the style is perfect for him.

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